Monday, May 27, 2013

Arrested Development Party Menu

My husband and our friends decided to get together to watch the new episodes of Arrested Development. We decided to try to make the food all themed from the show. Luckily the show is full of (weird) food!

I'm not going to lie: we didn't end up making the cornballs! Watching TV for that long is exhausting :), and my friends forgot to bring the bacon for the hot ham water drinks, so that was sad :/ I didn't take a photo of all the food but here is what I managed:

 Wasn't on the menu but appropriate.
 "Afternoon Delight" brownies:

AND my most favorite thing to do is to make goodie bags!!! Each bag had an assortment of dove chocolates :) My friend did the handwriting, mine would have been way too girly.


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  2. ha! The Dead Dove! This is just awesome.

    1. thanks :) my friend put a lot of effort into trying to write the note exactly like the one in the show. we were so happy with how they turned out and everyone at the party loved them. loved that there was an homage of sorts in the new episodes to the dead dove :)

  3. Replies
    1. thanks :) we had great fun planning it! though you should have seen us towards the end of the marathon (about eight hours!). I'm glad I had the next day off to sleep in :)