Monday, April 1, 2013


I pretty much spent my twenties moving around every year. I do not like moving, but I like that it keeps me clutter free. After awhile, you start to evaluate items based on how much you want to move it. Suddenly you don't like your stuff as much as you thought you did...

Places I have lived:
  • parents house: lived here for the first 18-19 years of my life. There is a range because part of the last year I was mostly living in a:
  • warehouse: we shared the first floor (our rooms were stacked in the corner, three stories) with a metal shop. Aside from the loud air compressor during the day (and the welding and grinding) it wasn't too bad. These were my raver days.
  • sisters house: Only for a short time because she and her husband got a divorce due to her sleeping with everyone in the town. And the general area around the town. And the not so general area around the town...
  • sister's bf's parent's house: after you wrap your head around that one, I also shared a bunk-bed in the garage with said sister and her bf. It was not great. This is not the same sister that got the divorce.
  • first apartment: this was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me. I woke up every morning with a smile. I loved this place. It had two floors, two bathrooms, washer and dryer, large balcony... It was heaven. Until my sister and her bf broke up and they moved out before the lease was up leaving me to pay the last month in its entirety. Thanks, that was super amazing.
  • second apartment: not as exciting, and much uglier. It was wedged nicely between the Kellogg's factory and a sausage factory. I still liked it. Even when my neighbor moved and all her cockroaches moved into my apartment.
  • back to my parents house: not my happiest choice, but it turned out not as bad as I thought. I wish I didn't get rid of my dinette set though. Sad face.
  • third apartment: moved in with my jellybean after only being with him for four months! Ahh, what was I thinking? Who knew that he would end up as my husband?
  • fourth apartment: shared another apartment with my sister! Ahh, what was I thinking? I did get to snag a few plants that were left from the previous owner. Score.
  • fifth apartment: my all time favorite apartment. Save for being on the third floor with no elevator.
  • my house: It's ugly! It's broken! It's too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer! No oven! No shower upstairs! But I love you Ugly House. Though to be honest, I hope I get to add one more place to this list in about seven years! Looking for a forever home :)
I don't have photographic evidence of every abode but here is a sampling:
the dinette set
I only wish I still had it because the table and chairs I have now don't even match and are in really poor shape.

Aww :) This is when I moved back in with my parents. I got to come home to this! Too cute.

My third apartment. That couch was so ugly. Knee Highs: I keep the grandma look oh so sexy.

 One of the plants I was able to acquire. Bonus: It is still alive about five years later! What.

 Apartment on the third floor. Also of note: Made my first large purchases with a significant other. Trust! We bought the couch and TV together.

Have you done a lot of moving? Any place interesting/really horrible?


  1. I haven't moved as often as you, but I share your hatred of the process. I, too, moved in with my significant other after only 4 months, and we're about to celebrate our 12 year anniversary. We're in the process of our first move together....with a baby....into a house still undergoing isn't pretty.....

    1. we moved into our house while it was still being remodeled too! can't imagine dealing with that AND a baby!