Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Edify 4-19-13

My husband and I went to Ikea to try to find a stand for his new record player.  We went after work so there was a ton of parking, which was awesome. Too bad we weren't getting more things.
I liked this sofa, except for the "leather" part. It was shaped like a chaise lounge.

My husband being silly with the fake TV

So much stuff.

Someday I am going to buy you, random fish in a tube. For what, I don't know.

I could spend forever at this place! Well, mostly. There was just one over-excited young girl whose screams and exclamations and demands were just horrible. Her family just ignored her for the most part and acted like they couldn't hear her. I wanted to tell her that if she demanded one more time for someone to feel how soft a pillow was, I was going to show her how soft it was against her face. This is probably why I don't have children.

Tried the piña colada freeze from taco bell. It was pretty tasty. My husband said I probably liked it because it was full of sugar. This is probably true.

I like the breakfast at this place, but I hate the decor. It's so tacky and there's just too much of it. One of the booths is shaped like a bus! Seriously? 

I ordered a "Watermelon Cooler"

On the weekends this place is impossible with all the crowds, and lines, and fussy children (sorryI'mnotsorry I don't usually like other peoples children in public). So since my husband and I took Monday off we decided to get some yummy breakfast. It was still busy, but there was no wait.
Look at that bacon drawing! So cute!

So far my ultimate favorite thing at this place is the french toast bread pudding. Seriously, do they use like a whole stick of butter for the sauce? I don't care, it is seriously yum-tastic!
Yum!!! Next time I think I'm going to order nothing but this.

I feel like more and more people are getting personalized licence plates. Sometimes it's really hard to understand what they were going for, but not this one. I do wish I could ask people for the back story though! Are they a magician by trade? Are they Magic Johnson fans? Is it a Disney reference???

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