Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Edify 4-12-13

Last Friday I went out to PF Chang's with a good friend that I haven't seen for a long time. We shared appetizers, my favorite thing to do at restaurants! This way you can try a bunch of things in small quantities. We promised each other that we will see each other more often. The last time I hung out with her was Halloween!!!

We ordered lettuce wraps, pork ribs and crab wontons:

My husband and I actually went out for breakfast last Saturday! I very rarely feel like leaving the house early on the weekends so It's my fault that we don't do it more often. I'm glad I did though, breakfast was yums! We went to our local cafe, and as per usual we were the youngest ones there.

Nachos for breakfast!

Me: Egg yolks have such a distinctive flavor...
Neil: Yup, tastes like yummy baby murder.
Me: Well, it's not like these eggs were fertilized so it's more like delicious chicken period.
[Blank stare from Neil]
Neil: Um, I think baby murder sounds better.

Sometimes I don't know if I should share snippets of our conversations... I swear we are not horrible people.
With the new Sims University, your sims can now BLOG. How flippin' meta is that? I told my husband that I was going to have my sim guest blog for me :) Also, you can have roommates and have a "socially awkward" trait. Have the creators been following me around?

On the way to the mall to get Jellybean a haircut. Though I was really digging his Elvis hair. He ended up getting some kind of high and tight. I told him he needed to do the whole Elvis/rockabilly look  someday. He was trying to do the lip curl :)

Lovesac? Haha! I just don't know about using the word "Sac"... It's probably that I am just really immature and the word makes me giggle. 

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