Saturday, April 27, 2013

Caturday: Izze and Penguin

My baby kat Izze has an issue with her stuffed penguin. I do *not* know what it is. She will be on the landing upstairs crying, and when I get up there to see what is wrong, she is almost always with Penguin. She is usually just sitting next to it. 

I have a theory that the Penguin does a Michigan J. Frog on her and she is yelling for me to come look at the Penguin singing and dancing. 

Sometimes I will hide it from her because I do not want to hear her crying all the time. Other times I taunt her with it.

 Haha, look at how uncomfortable she looks! 

  Soya doesn't care.

Except in this picture. She looks like she is thinking "Get this f*ckin' thing off of me!"

In my mind, if my cats could speak English, it would be riddled with cuss words. They just give me that impression.


  1. Oh dude - in my mind, my cat swears all the time. Isabelle is constantly telling me I'm a crazy B and such. :) I love these pics! We have a few stuffed animals around our place and Isabelle tends to freak out when they're new...she swats them and stuff; she gives them the death "who the hell are you?!" stare and swats at them. My theory is that maybe they think stuffed animals are real, except maybe mute. Maybe cats feel about stuffed animals the way I feel about mannequins, which is that is just some creepy sh*t. Is it watching me? WTF? What if it comes alive when I'm not looking at it? Yeah. Your Izze is definitely right to be squigged out. :)

    1. HAHAHAHA! I never really thought that stuffed animals could be confusing for them but that makes so much sense!