Thursday, April 4, 2013

At the store...

Here is a picture of my husband and his friend when they were bachelors. I'm assuming. This is the most relevant picture I could think to put for this post because I didn't think to take any grocery related photos.

Yesterday was talkative bachelor day at the grocery store. Maybe they were married, but they were alone, male, and at the grocery store by themselves, and it wasn't Super Bowl Sunday. 

Bachelor #1: Ran into us a couple of times in the store and said "Don't mind me, I'm just going to follow you two around the store!" We (meaning Neil because I am very rarely funny on the fly) said some witty things to this and the guy then gives an anecdote of seeing Annie Hall at the theater (something tells me that he must tell this joke often, because that was an awful long time ago!) where there were only two other patrons and he tapped one on the shoulder and said "Hey, you're sitting in my seat!"

Bachelor #2: We're in line paying for our groceries and the clerk comments on the large amount of candy we are buying (this time it was Neil, not me!). I say that you shouldn't shop when you're hungry. They guy behind me pipes up with that he has heard/read that you shouldn't shop when you're stoned either. I laugh and ask "Not from experience?" And he makes a joke about statute of limitations. It was pretty funny.

Once, Neil got trapped into a long conversation with the guy that stocks the sodas. He thought that I would save him, but I just passed by with an evil grin, and my can of sardines, and pretended I didn't know him. I'm so mean. Later, he told me that when he saw me, he was like hooray! Heather will save me! Wait... where is she going???

Is it common for people to strike up conversations at the store? I know when I go by myself I just get crashed into by drunk hipsters. That totally happened once.

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