Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Word Me That: Weird words in the family

Here are a few words used in my family that are real:
  • kerfuffle: a fuss
  • catawampus: askew
  • higgledy-piggledydisordered or random
  • gobbledygook: nonsense
vs. words that are not real words
  • gollywomples: I'm assuming this is a variation of the word collywobbles*, which is a word. We use this to mean "upset stomach." In a sentence: "Ugh, that cider gave me the gollywomples." 
  • domicicle: from the real word "domicile" which means a home. Though I think I've only heard my mom say this word.

Are there any words that your family has made up and is in regular use in your household? Or odd words that are real words but not used by the general public?

*in the film Brave, the word collywobbles is used! used to mean "upset stomach from eating too many apples"


  1. One time I was so exhausted I could barely see, stand, or think straight. I headed to bed and muttered "I got the ploonkas." Now whenever we're tired or headed to bed, it's: Ploonka. Got the ploonkas.

    1. Ha! I love that! I really like when families or couples develop their own language :) It's silly and uniting at the same time.