Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Upstairs Bath: A little DIY?

Look at this vanity. Ugly.
The mirror and lights are not much better.

Since purchasing the house two years ago (has it really been that long already?!), I have done ZERO things on my own to fix/renew anything (well, okay, except for the pavers. But are we really counting that?). We had a fairly large remodel the first three months to fix the downstairs, but I have not tried to fix anything since. And there is a lot to fix with Ugly House, even after the kitchen makeover.

One issue is money.

Another is: why spend a little money on something we are planning on re-doing majorly once we have more money? That seems like wasted money. Well, it could be a LONG time before we have said funds, and the upstairs bathroom needs help.

Third problem is skill. A large part of me is terrified at making anything look worse. It could happen. Remember that WaMu commercial where the potential home buyers compliments another couple on their deck and they say it looks great and the woman says not really, we built it ourselves and then the thing comes crashing down??? Yeah. That is what I'm afraid of.

I figure since we have plans to remodel the bathroom in the future, if I attempt a little DIY and it sucks, it wont be forever. And it's in a room very few people see, so my fail would be fairly private.

First Step: What the hell am I going to do?

The vanity is the worst.
Looked online at Lowes: Cheapest vanity is $50. Can I buy supplies cheaper to fix the existing one? If I bought a new one, could I even install it correctly? Would there be any weird gaps on the floor with the tile?

The walls need to be painted/touched up. Do I stick with this color, or go bold and buy something new? Which would cost money. We have extra paint in the garage that would cost me nothing, but is not as exciting. (The walls are not yellow! They are an off-white.)

I'm not about to do new floors, so I will have to work with this blue tile.
I could also buy some new hardware:

I have a lot to decide! I am going to guess that I will probably not start on this until next summer, so I have plenty of time to mull over some ideas.


  1. How exciting, if I were you I wouldn't be able to wait to get started. As we are only in Canada temporarily we are renting and not being able to do up the house is really frustrating.

    Kate x

    1. Our house has a long list of to-dos! It is a bit frustrating not to be able to fix everything right away.

  2. i say throw a coat of paint on in whatever color and some new knobs and I bet it will look like new! i am a fellow home owner so i know your pain of having money for projects it is soooo hard! good luck!

    1. Thanks! I think new paint would do wonders too! Once I decide on a theme, I think I will be getting started before next summer.

  3. Oh boy, that vanity!! I'd change that one and spend a crazy amount of time at Home Depot or Rona with a sales person :) Glad you have lots of time to plan it! Enjoy the reno!

    -Jade (found you on BBN!)

    1. If you think the vanity is bad, you should have seen the rest of the house! Blue walls, blue carpet... ugh.