Monday, March 18, 2013

Sherlock Tantrum

My husband and I started watching the show Sherlock and were immediately enamored from the first episode. We then proceeded to watch about two episodes a day.

I SWEAR I had no thought as to how many seasons or episodes were available. Really. As far as I was concerned it was an endless parade of Sherlock.

So on the third day, my Jellybean and I were snuggled on the couch watching some more of the show. The episode ends and I wait for Jellybean to start the next one. I get confused when he starts scanning though other stuff.

Why no more Sherlock?

He tells me there isn't one.

Um, say what in the who now?

Not only that, he tells me that they haven't even started filming the next season! So not only do I have to wait, I have to wait A LONG TIME.

What. The. Flip.

Tantrum ensues.

Yeah, I threw my tantrum while taking a bath. I like to multitask.

You should watch the show. It's really amazing.

I wanted to post this a few months ago when it happened (January), but I couldn't get motivated to make the drawings. Then once they were drawn, I couldn't be bothered to scan them. Well, when I did want to scan them, my printer decided to not turn on. The printer is the cause of many of my tantrums.


  1. lol Reminds me SO MUCH of how "Firefly" ended. I was all - what? You're not even going to wrap up the storylines? You're just going to leave it there? I sympathize, yo.

    1. At least I watched Firefly after the fact, so I knew there were only so many episodes. Same with "WonderFalls" which is another great show cancelled!

  2. Haha, love the drawings!
    I was aware of how few episodes of Sherlock there were, but still not happy about it!

    1. Well, then maybe my tantrum would still have happened! haha

  3. Hey I found you on BBN! The new followers "Follow for a follow" discussion. Just hoping to meet some bloggers and gain more followers & people to follow so i'm now following you :)

    Miya from

    1. Thanks for following! Checking out your blog very soon!

  4. It stopped at the worse possible moment too. I NEED to know what happens next!!