Monday, March 25, 2013

Let's Look at my Shoes: Flats

I love flats. These are my favorite kind of shoe.

I have a coworker that is about my height (5'1) and she commented on how even though I'm short, I wear flats. She always makes sure her shoes have a bit of height to them. I thought that was such a weird thing! I have never taken my height into consideration when I buy shoes. Wait, that is a lie. I made sure my wedding heels were four inches so that I wouldn't look so weird next to my husband for our photos and first dance. He is about 6'2 or 6'3. I don't know exactly, just that he is much taller than me.

These are my most favorite. I will be the saddest when these have to retire. And I think that day is coming very soon. I have had them for over 8 years now.

These are a bit narrow in the toe box for me, but I absolutely love the cherries on them. I am a sucker for clothing with food on them. Especially fruit. I don't know why. I have also had these for over 8 years. I only wear them when I know it will be less than 4 hours.

I bought these vans in all the colors available. They are so comfy! And the checkers are surprisingly versatile. For my work wardrobe anyways. These are only about five years old. They get a ton of wear! I think I should buy a new pair of the black and whites. 

These are the newest addition. I bought them for the house so that I have an easy shoe to take on and off for going outside. I had some wedge flip flops I had bought from Victoria's Secret, but I do not always feel so steady on them when I have to walk over the rocks and such to get the the bins. Safety first!


  1. This post gave me a giggle. It reminds me of Becky Bloomwood arraging her shoes just to admire them. And also, if I have a pair of shoes or an item of clothing of sentimental value, before I eventually get rid of it, I take pictures to keep.

    Also: I'm so glad you don't consider the height for shoes. I'm short, I don't. Who cares? Whether you're a tall or short, women should just wear what they want, what they like, and what makes them feel good, regardless of heel height. Boys don't care, why should we?

    1. Haha, normally my shoes are in an organizer in the closet :) But I do like the idea of taking photos of items that you like, but need to toss! Didn't think of it that way. Might have to do a photo shoot with my sad dying shoes :D Lolz.

      My coworker is a bit obsessed with being seen as taller, and thinner... I love her but she is a bit vain/shallow sometimes!

  2. I looooove flats too, but I have quite a bit of a arch in my foot so I am not able to wear them for very long. Also have wide feet so it's hard to find ones that fit to begin with.

    I am also with Becky, women should wear what makes them feel good. Some women love heels, some don't simple as.

    Do I really have to fill out a captcha every time I comment?

    1. My younger sister has higher arches so she puts in those gel inserts in her shoes, not sure how well they work?

      I didn't realize that there was a captcha for my comments! I will have to figure out how to change that :/ Thanks for letting me know!

    2. I will have to look into some gel inserts! I have them in my work shoes, why didn't I think to put them in flats.

      I'm not sure how to fix it, there should be a settings somewhere though! I'm glad I said something, I hope you didn't lose followers because of it.