Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Grandma Arms

I am thankful that my parents never made me feel like I was small. They never made me feel like I couldn't do something because of my height, weight, or gender.  It's too bad that I'm not ambitious, but at least I know(think) my options are not limited!

It wasn't until I was in middle school that I started to understand that I was much smaller than everyone else. I never noticed before . I was so happy that I was finally a shoe size 1 when I was eleven years old, until I realized most of the other girls were a size 7. I am now a kids size 3.5 which is a woman's 5.5. 
I also don't notice my weight. Though this is usually something other people notice about me first. And they will comment on it. It's kind of awkward.

Not being aware of my size can be a bad thing because then I think I can do things like this:

(I found some lovely PVC pipe buried underneath. that was not fun to get out)

I started this project because it's been awkward taking the bins out over the mud, and it will be awhile before we can afford to do what we really want. We had put in a gate on the side of the house where our recycling and garbage bins are. This way we wouldn't have to take them all the way around the house to the other gate. There isn't a concrete patch to store them on the other side. And there isn't a pathway from that gate either. Our yard sucks.

I figured in the meantime I could use the pavers I don't want in the backyard and put them in the front. Free materials and free labor! I never once thought that I would be too small or weak to do it.

I used a pick ax, which felt awesome. 

Until the next day. 

And the day after that. 

Aaand the day after that. 
Seriously. My muscles were not happy.

It took me three hours just to get this little amount done. And now I have to finish this stupid project.

 (Soya knows she is not allowed to go past the concrete line, so she always sits on it. Until I turn my back, then she runs down to the pink house and hides behind the cacti.)

 (Toki is less respectful and doesn't care if I am looking or not.)

But then my arms look like this:

No "grandma" arms for me anytime soon!

So maybe I do want to finish.


  1. 1.) Nice arms! 2.) People are asstards. I hate that it doesn't matter if you're big, tall, short, skinny - whatever - some people always feel like they can comment because you're not "perfectly average perfect." Ugh. Gag me. I'd rather be interesting. And yeah. I have a friend who is a tiny thing like you and she is badass and tough. It's all in the mind, not the perceptions of others.

    1. thanks :) most people who mention my weight aren't trying to be mean, they just can't help themselves. and in our society commenting on someones skinniness is an okay thing to do. for me i always switch it in my head: would you say that about an overweight person? no? than it is rude.