Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Edify: 3-8-13

This is going to replace my "Coffee Talk" from Thursdays. Really, I think I just like making title headers. Or whatever you call them.

This dinner made me laugh because it's all yellow. I mix mayonnaise and mustard together for my fries, and chicken nuggets, and chicken sandwiches. It's so very yums. Sometimes I will mix mayonnaise and ketchup together... I like condiments :)

This is trash I picked up from my front yard. I want to collect all the cigarette butts and put them on my neighbors front porch. It isn't gross enough that you smoke, you have to toss your butts in my yard too? A-hole.

[No Picture]
I found a jolly rancher in my hoodie pocket and even though it had obviously gone through the wash, it didn't taste like soap. Yes, I ate it. Found sugar is delicious sugar :)

Now cars are getting on the hanging nut wagon? And why is it flesh colored??? I don't want to live on this planet any more. (Doesn't my commute look awesome?)

A friend bought me this cute key cover!

Found a spider-man umbrella. Didn't keep it... Though I did pretend to steal a lot of things: puppy, razor scooter, umbrella... It was a good hike :)


  1. I hate the scrotum truck decorations!

    1. why is it even a thing??? i'm seeing them more and more!