Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Edify: 3-29-13

 Free this week: Homemade bacon cupcake! The note made me laugh, I don't know why he wrote it like that. The cupcake was yummy! Like a desserty breakfast.

 Went to Sweet Tomatoes with some friends before their trip. Okay, this was last week. Didn't get to have any soft serve ice cream,  but I was okay with leaving because there were kids running around all over the place. This was very frustrating when I was trying to get soup. I was able to get a baked potato though, so that was good enough for me!

 Husband doing physical labor! Outside! In the sun! WHAT? He is still in his work clothes too. He didn't want to waste his day off doing yard work :)

He was getting tired of the mountain of weeds. It kinda looks like grass, but it totally isn't. I think for next year, after all this dies, I will try to put out grass seeds.

Oh, and when I went out on Saturday morning to rake it all up and trim the sides, I made a new best friend. Some seven year old playing basketball. Some things he told me:
  • He is afraid of cats
  • His aunt has nine cats
  • His parents are on a diet
  • His parents don't know if they can keep the house
  • He goes to the Y after school (he also told me all the different scheduling they have during the week)
  • He wants a dog: either a pug, poodle or German Shepard
  • His mom is allergic to cats and dogs
  • He mimed getting knocked to the ground in a dodge-ball game by a much bigger fourth grader
There was more. Neil was laughing at me when I came inside. Even though he was in bed, he could hear us talking. Well, more like the kid talking and me listening.

 Fixings to make my own sandwich and leftover caprese salad. Trying my hand at making my lunches look more bento-ish. There is mustard in the little chicken container.

 Nom nom nom! Grilled pork sandwich from King Egg Roll. I also got some egg rolls.  I think it would be sacrilegious to go there and not get those. Ask any one in San Jose about King Egg Roll, and they will rave about the egg rolls, no joke.  If you want everyone to be your friend, bring them to your next potluck :)

I think every sandwich could benefit from some cilantro. Bahn Mi's for the win!


  1. That sandwich and that pasta with the potatoes are mouth watering,


    1. Thanks! I'm trying to make an effort with my lunches so I don't end up with candy and potato chips :)

  2. The 7 year old kid talking and sharing just made me smile. Obviously he needed someone to share with; good for you for listening. Fun stuff with the lunch fixin's.

    1. Yeah, I think he is an only child so I'm sure he gets lonely. He was waiting for his friends across the street to come out, but he said they don't come out till afternoon on Saturdays. I never noticed that.