Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Edify: 3-22-13

Yes, yes, more yard photos. I've been trying to get the compost bin filled every weekend before the weather gets too hot. As much as I hate to do the yard work, once I get started, it's actually pretty relaxing. The neighborhood is quiet, just the occasional sounds of ducks or geese flying overhead. Me time with my kitties!

More salamanders!

 Caterpillar of some sort...
 I decided to dig up all the rose bushes in one day, not just two at a time like I had planned. There was at least twenty! Why anyone would want to plant pokey plants on purpose I will never know.

 Have I mentioned how big this yard is? For me anyways! Can be so daunting.


  1. I live on the 3rd floor of my apt. building, so I have virtually no yard and therefore - much yard envy for you. Ah, someday. Random: I saw the pic of the caterpillar in your hand and I had a mini freak-out: 'omg what is wrong with her hand that it looks like that? What is with the stitching? Holy chickens'...and then I realized it was a glove and my heart stopped racing. Yup.

    1. Hahaha! Granted, my gloves are pretty tattered, and the thumb tip is missing because I accidently cut it with the edgers. My husband cringes when I tell him these things. He just knows that he will have to take me to the ER one day :)

      Growing up, I hated yard work, and loved living in apartments. Now I willingly get up early on my days off and get to work! Makes me laugh. My cats love all the extra space, and I love being able to have my turtle again (I kept him at my Mom's while I lived in various apartments).