Wednesday, February 13, 2013

High School

When I went to high school (1995-1999), there weren't cell phones... I mean, there were cellphones, but they were expensive and my school was not rich so people were still using pagers. I'm sure there were a smattering of kids that had them, but no one was seen with one. I only saw people with their pagers and excusing themselves from class to go to the payphones...

And I say people because I was not even one of the people who had a pager. 

I did not even get a cellphone until I was 25 (this was 2006 when everyone's grandma had a cellphone already) and this was only because my dad bought it for me. 

I promise I am not a technophobe.

(Back to the high school story) 

I remember once in the locker room a girl snuck a peak at her cellphone from her bag and her sister reprimanded her saying she just did that just to look cool so that people could see that she had a phone. Of which she only had cause their parents were out of town and let them use one of theirs for emergency's.

There were also no digital cameras in regular use or MySpace or Facebook so THANK GOD there are really not that many pictures of me from that era (that I have anyway, my family members have more but thankfully those are tucked away somewhere I don't know).

So what did I look like? Lets look:
Remember how in this post I said I wanted to look cool but failed? Yeah.

AHHHH. Oh well. 
Side note: I use to have eyebrows!!! What happened to them? Sad face.

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