Friday, February 22, 2013

Hidden Treasures

So apparently there is attic space above the garage. I thought there was only an attic on the second floor... I have only been living here for about two years. Guess what? There's treasure!

Okay, not really treasure. More like junk. What the hell is all this stuff?

Thanks husband for taking an awkward photo of me in the middle of talking. I need to take a better photo of me in these pants. They are red, polyester, bell bottom, and high waist-ed. They fit my natural waist and inseam PERFECT. 

Reading material! The Happy Hooker... Hmm. These were in a box with children's books.

 The one in the middle has HUGE BOOBS.

 Art in plastic frames... Some of the pieces do have texture so we are going to do some research if they are real or not. (And worth anything)

 Toys: I accidently ripped the ear off one getting it out of the box. Whoops.

 This little guy was made in Japan. Cute little tushie!

 Very cheap guitar with five strings.

 Hard hat full of clothespins. Weird.

 Ugliest lamp ever that is taller than me.

 I like this table, but it is very flimsy. I'm afraid my cats will break it! The tennis bag I like, kinda. The front zipper is broken and it seems to say "Rod Lover" on the front. It even had tennis balls inside! They are orange.

 This lamp is seriously ugly.

 Gold plastic wall candle holders. The epitome of tacky.

 Beauty School Certificates.

 Leather case holding shaving gear. I like the case, I might try to put new clasps and a handle on it.

 Shells glued together to make turtles.

 That box actually contains what it says.

 I think I like this clock. Not sure if it works.

Another box that contains what it says: a designer shower liner! Never been used.

There were a few more little items, all mostly junk as far as I'm concerned. Wish there were more clothes!



  1. What a awesome find! Lots of cool stuff, lots of junk. Wonder if the original owners meant to leave it there?

    1. I think they forgot about the attic space too! I should do a post about what I have learned about the previous owners :)

  2. Those seashell turtles are cracking me up!!!

  3. Awesome! I love looking at other people's stuff!

    1. I had the best time! After getting over my fear of heights and getting up and down from the attic... that part: not so fun. But the stuff! I was cracking up over everything.

  4. The turtles are just too hilarious.

    Have a great weekend.

    Kate x

    1. It's funny that there would be something turtle, since I have a turtle and people are always giving me turtle related things.

  5. Whoa. This cracked me up. Holy monkeys there was some weird shit in there. I think the previous tenants couldn't decide if they wanted to be porn stars or homemakers.

    1. Hahahaha! Well, all the stuff seems to be from the 70's, so maybe that was a common conundrum?

  6. Nuns lived in our house before we bought it....the only treasure I found was a Jesus wall was too tacky for tack and my mom took it and hung it up in her house....bad taste runs in our family

    1. HAHAHA! I'm sure if my family saw some of the stuff from my attic they would want it :/ I'm trying to get my friends to take the items so I don't have to figure out how to get rid of it.