Thursday, February 21, 2013

Coffee Talk #4

Operation 40+ days of Lent: Don't Be A Lazy Ass
Day 1: Elliptical
Day 2: Elliptical
Day 3: Walking
Day 4: Yard Work
Day 5: Hiking
Day 6: Elliptical
Day 7: Crunches
Day 8: Crunches

Good job me!

Doing yard work counts as my workout because look at my yard!
This whole area from the large trees to the house was covered with leaves which I cleaned up and put into piles (couldn't fit them all in the green bin). 
My tortoise looks so tiny! You see him, right?

Making my husband give me a face:
I melted some butter for popcorn, and as I was waiting for the popcorn to pop I was eating some Mike and Ikes. I dipped a candy in the foamy salty part of the butter... so wrong but so good. Salty, fatty sweet goodness.

Free stuff this week:
bag of Peanut Butter M&M's (from a driver)
French Toast Sticks from Burger King (from a fellow data entry girl)
.05 Oz sample bottle of lotion from a local skin care hospital (one of the drivers brought it to me)

So, I'm doing well in the exercise department but I don't seem to be doing well in the eating healthy part.

Looking forward to Community tonight! Really love this show!


  1. I love doing stuff that weirds out my husband. The other day I said something in a weird voice and it really cracked him up! He's still laughing about it! haha

    1. It's nice to have someone to be weird with :) Even if they laugh :D

  2. WOW good for you! you are keeping up being very active! I just try to go work out 3 times a week :) a new follower!

    1. Thank you for following! Going to check out your blog shortly :)