Thursday, February 14, 2013

Coffee Talk #3

Belly Button Ring Ball Missing
I was at work and a ball bearing fell out from the rolling shelf that my keyboard sits on and I picked it up and placed it in my desk. Later that night, I had a thought that maybe it wasn't from my keyboard tray but from my belly button ring! I check, and sure enough, it was missing. I go to work and check out the ball... but it really was just a ball bearing. Coincidence!  But I could have been missing the ball on my belly button ring for awhile, I don't really look at it that much.

64th wedding anniversary
A coworker of mine took his parents out for lunch to celebrate their 64th wedding anniversary! How awesome is that? My husband and I would have to live to be 94 to accomplish this!

I remembered!
At my work we have many clients and some we only get work from once or twice a year so it is  hard to remember all the little details for each job. This time I remembered that this client wanted the volume typed twice, and if it was a volume 80, the second volume would read S0. I don't know why they want it this way, but at least I remembered!

Another coworker was joking that I was more Catholic than her children because I eat fish once a week (even when it isn't lent) and I am going to be giving something up for lent (no more lazy ass). I am not Catholic, but I love all the fish sandwiches at my fast food places!

Valentine Gifts for My Coworkers
I had a random assortment of boxes and decided to use them and fill them with candy. Went simple this time since I am trying to maintain a budget!

Cards from pets?
This is so silly! Though I won't lie I was tempted to get one for my hubby :) My husband kept looking at the cards and pointing out ones I should buy for him. I forget that he is more sentimental than I am! The first year we were together he took me to Disneyland (my first visit ever) for New Years Eve and he got all teary eyed during the fireworks and "snow" (bubbles) while I was like "Um, this is great, I guess, but can we go back to the room and get drunk? Its flippin cold out here." Sorry Disney, your magic doesn't work on me.

My hubby bought for me!
hi-chew / books /Sims expansion /Portable Photo Studio

Seriously, who wouldn't giggle at this?

Gift for Jellybean but I can't say what it is because he can't open it until the end of today!

Happy Valentines Day! If you don't have a sweetie in your life, hope you were sweet to yourself!

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  1. I saw those dog and cat cards too. I almost bought one, but then I realized my Hubby would probably think I was crazy. Haha!

    1. I think if I will give my hubby one for fathers day if I can find one! I don't care if he thinks I am crazy :)