Thursday, February 7, 2013

Coffee Talk #2

1. What's for dinner tonight?
Chicken cooked on the Foreman, Steamed broccoli, and some Pasta-Roni. I like fast fast fast dinners after work! Too tired to be fussing about.

2. Top 3 TV shows you never miss:
  • Walking Dead (With Talking Dead afterwards, this is a must)
  • Community 
  • Dexter (Though I'm glad it is ending soon, as much as I love you Dexter, it is time)
3. What type of body wash are you currently using?

4. Take a photo of what is in front of you:
This is the shelf above my computer monitor.

5. What is your favorite fruit?
RASPBERRIES. They are velvety, sweet, and smell divine. FYI: the little bits are called "drupelets". 

6. Spring is almost here, show me your go to outfit!

Well, I'm not sure if this is my go to outfit per se, but the cropped jeans and shoes get plenty of wear.
Cropped Jeans (Abercrombie Kids)
Purple Plaid Top (Delia's)
Flats (Steve Madden)


  1. Oh Dexter is the BEST SHOW EVER!!! I'm sad its ending :(
    My favorite thing to do is forget about it and then watch an entire season in three days hehe

    1. I have to watch it on Sundays! I wouldn't be able to wait :/

  2. I love the quirkiness of your blog and its genuinely one i enjoy reading. If you can find time check out I'm also following you on google friend connect.
    Sammie xx

    1. Aw, thank you so much! Will be checking out your blog shortly!

  3. Either your cat is huge or your clothes are teeny tiny... LOL.

    1. Hahaha!!! I didn't even think about the photo looking like that!!! I think its a little of both, those skinny jeans are a size 14 kids and my kitty has put on some winter weight. I will have to take a pic with me and the cat for perspective!