Monday, February 4, 2013

Blog Drafts

This is a plush maggot in a mouse costume. It has nothing to do with this post. I just like it.

Apparently some people find it difficult to find things to blog about. 

I do not have this problem. 

I have the opposite of this problem... I currently have over 100 ideas in draft right now. 

That is not an exaggeration; there are 102 of them. 

Excessive? Probably. 

Okay, more than probably.

I usually have a million thoughts milling about in my brain so it's nice to have a place to spew them out and flesh out the details, even if they stay in draft form for awhile. Some of them have been there for over six months.

Many of the drafts are contingent on me trying out home DIY's, crafts, drawings, and recipes. Which takes way more time than just thinking up the project. And I am very lazy.

The remembering to take photos is key too. Working on making the photos better... My Jellybean has offered to help me! I will have to take him up on his offer.

I usually have about 14 posts scheduled at any given time. 


How many ideas do you have in draft normally? Do you schedule out your week in advance? 


  1. I used to have a lot of ideas...but now I do not. haha I will usually write the post the night before I publish it though!

    1. I just need to put more work into each post and get some finished before I start new ones! I get distracted easily.

  2. I try to write each night and then find a few days has gone by and struggle to remember what I've done or find a new blog to read instead lol

    1. I need to start working on my posts during the week, otherwise I try to vet it all done on the weekends and I get distracted :)

  3. I get inspired, start some posts, save them to draft, and then forget what I was trying to say or where I was trying to go with the post....or even worse, I'll compose entire posts in my head whenever the computer is unavailable and by the time I get in front of the keyboard...gone....

    1. I try very hard not to have conversations or blog posts in my head, otherwise I feel like they already happened! If I'm at work I will try to scribble out a basic outline, but even that can be confusing later.