Thursday, January 3, 2013

What people are looking for...

So far this is the break-down of searches that result in people clicking on my blog:

7 Visits25.00%halloween gifts for coworkers
2 Visits7.14%cute halloween gifts for coworkers
2 Visits7.14%gnombies
2 Visits7.14%pintrosities comparison images
2 Visits7.14%skinny vibrator
1 Visit3.57%avengers goodie bag ideas
1 Visit3.57%candy corn jello shots
1 Visit3.57%gift for crackers diy
1 Visit3.57%halloween bags for my co workers
1 Visit3.57%halloween gift for coworker
1 Visit3.57%halloween gifts for co-workers
1 Visit3.57%holiday crackers buy your own components
1 Visit3.57%hulk goodie bags
1 Visit3.57%illamasqua
1 Visit3.57%it's like a potato
1 Visit3.57%it's like a potato blog
1 Visit3.57%penguin bra
1 Visit3.57%taco vodka

It's handy to know what people are looking for so that I know what my strengths are. It looks like it's the goodie bags!

Though... skinny vibrator? Really? I really want to ask the person why they were doing an image search for this!!!


  1. I'm concerned about taco vodka, myself. And while penguin bra MAY just be a cute bra with penguins on it...I'm not exactly sure if I want to know what the alternative answer would be. The people have spoken!!

    1. Bras for penguins would be kind of cute :) My blog links to weird searches!