Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Update #1

  • Ate at Famous Dave's with some friends
  • Came home and watched some Kitchen Nightmares after having a friend open birthday gifts
  • Did a few chores
  • Went to Rite-Aid
  • Ate Taco Bell for lunch
  • Watched some David Attenborough's Africa. Giant armored crickets are absolutely terrifying. They use their own toxic blood as a defense and eat baby birds!

  • More chores (I like it better when I get it all done on one day)
  • Watched some more David Attenborough's Africa. You know when they get to the elephants they are going to make you cry.
  • Went for a walk with a friend and her puppy
  • Made vegetarian curry
  • Prepped lunches for the next day

I have to be one of the most boring people on the planet.


  1. not boring at all! I love those types of weekends! Found you via the weekend update, now following! :)

    - Pam

    1. Aw thanks :) I would have to say about 98% of my weekends are like this :)