Monday, January 7, 2013

Ugly House: "Fixing" the fence

when professionals re-do a fence...
My Jellybean and I bought a house over a year ago which I call "Ugly House." We live in an area where $500,000 buys you sh*t . Especially when you are looking for a LARGE yard. This was my only criteria for a home so that I could house my turtle, so it's my fault that we have an ugly house.

We did spend a lot of money to fix the insides (which is sad 'cause it still needs a lot of work. AND NOW THE FLOOR SQUEAKS when you walk on it, too much dancing games!) and some of the back fence, but ran out of funds to fix anything else. I am not that handy, nor do I trust myself to try to be handy (just yet, I think I'm getting bold inside my head. Making plans!), so things have remained stagnated.

Then the fence that we didn't fix started to fall apart. The reasons:
  • there is a fig tree growing between the two fences (there are two fences with about a foot gap as our back fence. Looks like one neighbor didn't want to bother taking down the first fence to put up a new fence. And by neighbor I mean the guy that owned our house before us)
  • the "new" fence is a shoddy piece of work (the guy that owned our house fancied himself to be a handyman but all his projects look like a blind-folded seven year old on too much sugar did them)
  • our back neighbor has two large dogs who found a loose board on their side and found a way through the maze of multiple fences into our yard and made a large hole in the fence on our side.
The dogs (they were actually pretty big, they just look small next to the seven foot fence):

No money, no skills (okay, my brother helped me a lot, if it was just me IMAGINE how much worse it would be!) gets you this:
Classy! We also stapled chicken wire on the other side to cover the big gaping holes. I should hire myself out for home repair/construction, I'm totally ready.


  1. That's pretty much how all of the home repairs at our old house played out. I feel your pain! We're hoping to do better at our new house, but things aren't looking good....

    1. We hope soon to get some money saved up to start doing things right!!! Meaning: not me doing them!