Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Inside my head: Sloth Story

Have I mentioned how awkward I am in real life? Here is a real conversation I had.  I use the word "conversation" lightly. Notice the only one real line of dialog said out loud, the rest is me inside my head.
"It takes about two weeks for sloths to digest their food."

Oh god. Did I just say that out loud? What am I? Seven years old? I know random trivia about animals that only amounts to single sentences!

Is that all I'm going to say? No follow up? 

*Trying anxiously to rack my brain of any other sloth related information*

Nothing. Thanks brain.

Do I even know for sure that what I just said is true? Where did I even learn that? 

Okay, the conversation lull has gotten really awkward and I'm sure you have a weird bug-eyed look and your face is getting red. 
Okay, just look away now and try to focus on your face not getting red, even though we know that doesn't work.

Maybe you should just keep quiet until you can figure out how to have a real conversation.

I looked it up: it can take a week to a month for a sloth to digest food depending of what they ate and the environmental conditions. So two weeks is an average. So I was right.

At least with my coworker I can follow up a random fact I spurt out with "but I could have just made that up, who knows"* which always garners a laugh. She knows that I cannot remember where I glean all the information I know, or always have supporting statements to go along with it.

*An homage to the film "Ask Any Girl". Only one person in my life will get that without any explanation....

It's a 1959 film starring David Niven, Shirley MacLain and Gig Young. Shirley's character in the film is always spouting off random statistics about things and its not until the end of the film when she is confronted about this and she yells "I make them up!"

I don't make mine up (intentionally), but without being able to cite my sources I feel like I am.


  1. lol I'm glad that other people have little conversations with themselves inside their head! I'm not one to remember facts so I don't have to worry about them spilling out unintentionally haha!

    1. I think I have more conversations with myself than other people :)

  2. Heh, I just stumbled onto this and it makes me happy. Especially the drawing.

    1. Ha, thanks! I can be too much in my own head sometimes, I should just maybe say what I'm thinking... but is hard to do around people I'm not comfortable around.