Monday, December 31, 2012

First Impression Misconceptions

What people have thought about me before they get to know me:
  1. My name is Wendy or Tiffany: I've been called both names numerous times!
  2. I'm very religious: I have a moral compass, but I am not religious.
  3. I'm very health conscience: I eat candy for breakfast and spend most of my free time on my butt doing jack crap. JACK. CRAP.
  4. I wear the pants in my relationship: I have never and do not. I am not a bossy person. I'm pretty easy going, borderline submissive.
  5. I'm very intelligent: People tend to equate positive qualities to quiet people. I'm just average intelligence. I pronounce words wrong all the time. And don't ask me for help on your calculus homework! Unless you want to fail. Then ask away.
  6. I am not from here (Bay Area): I've been told I have an "accent".  I have lived here my whole life!
  7. I am in my early twenties: Nope! One guy at my work insisted on seeing my ID because he thought I was joking with him. He thought it was impossible that I was older than him. Or the time a coworker came up to me and asked "Are you the old girl that looks young?" Wait...old???
  8. I come from an upper class/ rich family: Hahaha! No.
  9. I take ballet lessons: I have no balance or rhythm to speak of. I dance more like Dee from It's Always Sunny.
All of these are things that have been told to me more than once. I wouldn't mind some of these being true... but they are not.

Do you come across as a different person to people? Have you had misconceptions about someone you just met?


  1. I like you already. Especially the fact that the book titled "MURDER" is prominently displayed in your photograph.

    Great to meet you, and happy to have found you on the Bloghole BlogHop! :)

    1. thanks for stopping by! i was trying to figure out what pic would best go with this post :)

  2. People usually think I am a bitch before they get to know me....then they think I am a bitch that's funny;)

  3. Ha! I have been told before that I don't look like I should have an eyebrow ring. Um, excuse me...what is that supposed to mean? I've also been told I look like a cartoon. Which I'm obviously not. So. That's weird. I also get the I look way younger than I really am speech. Which I don't mind that one so much. But I will probably be a really funny looking old cartoon lady as I age according to some people. Lovin' your blog lady! Funny stuff!

    1. Haha! "Funny looking old cartoon lady" would be an epic thing to be :) I was talking to a girl at work that said she couldn't wait to get old... because then you can say and do whatever you want and people excuse it because you are old. Thank you for stopping by and following!!!

  4. Totally random, I love the fact that in the pic above your eye automatically goes to "MURDER." Awesome.
    I get a lot of misconceptions. This post totally inspired me to write my own blog post on this topic.

    1. Just read your post on misconceptions! Quiet people do get a rap for being labeled snobby! It's not fair :/