Monday, December 17, 2012

Electric Blankets

Biddeford Micro Plush Heated Throw
my new blanket looks like this one
My husband purchased my first electric blanket when I was sick with a kidney infection. I was running a fever and I was having a hard time staying warm. This was also the first year we were together, so that would be about 6 years ago. 

Why did I never buy one before??? They are AMAZING things. 

Growing up, my house didn't have central heat, just a fireplace. Technically a wood burning stove. My little brother collected rocks and they were stacked on top of it. Once it was time to go to bed, all of us would grab a rock and put it at the foot of our bed to keep us warm. You know, because I was born in the 1800's. (Apparently people use to do this with potatoes as well.) The favorite rock to take was Bear. Yes, my brother named them. And yes, we would refer to them by name.
Vogelzang Highlander Wood-Burning Stove with Blower, Model# TR003
something like this
Usually my siblings and I would be too lazy to make a fire after school, so we would just drag our comforters out to the living room and watch TV snuggled like that. Our mom would come home and tell us that we could make a fire. Yes, we know that. We just didn't want to.

I now have two electric blankets, one for my bed and one for my computer chair. I bought my second one this year at Costco. It's red and plush. I ♥ it.

My house has no insulation so it gets very cold inside. Having a blanket to warm up the sheets before I get in is so wonderful! The new one has a timer and turns off after 3 hours, which is better than the first one I have. This way I can fall asleep and not worry about it.

I think I will buy another one next year to keep downstairs for the couch. So much better than rocks! I will never move to where it snows because I will die. True story :)


  1. I want to hear more about this. And does your current house have no heat or...even if it doesn't, does it get cold enough to even require heat? This also gives me a great idea for my husband, when you mentioned one for your computer chair. Shawn's legs and feet are always freezing when he sits at the computer, so he could use a nice electric blanket. Hmm. I will have to look into this.

    1. At the time of this post, my house had a heater but no insulation so turning on the heat was very expensive because it would just dissipate. With the insulation, the heater works much better and the house doesn't get as cold. Before, it was like living in a cardboard box. 30 degrees outside 30 degrees inside. I would wake up with my nose running and I could see my breath. Now, I know that isn't very cold for YOU but for me, that is :) So cold is relative! But I think that electric blankets are totes worth it! So cozy and make life much more comfortable.