Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tell me about it Tuesday: Downy Unstopables

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Downy UNSTOPABLES Fresh In Wash Scent Booster
you can find more information here
Have you tried these? They smell amazing. You almost want to eat them (or maybe that's just me). A friend of mine introduced me to them (I told her she should get a job promoting their product, she got me super excited about using it!). She and I managed to procure a bunch of samples and I brought them home. My husband was a bit leery of the product and went online to find reviews. He read that a lot of people found the recommended amount to be too strong so we went with half. 

These made our bedding smell amazing! I can't really say for how long the smell lasts because the next day our baby-kat decided to vomit in the middle of the bed and cover it with my husband's blanket (that's how I knew it was her because she is the only one that feels the need to cover up smelly things). I will definitely be washing the towels and the bedding with this stuff! I think if I wash the towels with this, I will use the full amount to see how strong the scent is. My friend says it makes the whole closet smell yums!

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