Thursday, November 29, 2012

Found: Grocery List

(I think "sibuyas" is onions?)
Sometimes I keep things and I don't know why. This is one of those items. I found it when I was on a walk one night with my two older sisters and some friends (we needed to get out of the crowded house so we went on lots of walks. This was when I was living in a house with my one of my sisters boyfriends family. So... about eleven people in one house and one bathroom? Yes, it was a nightmare). There was something about the note that I liked (well, aside from it being a list): the mixing of spanish and english, the stuff on the list is healthy (my lists almost always have "chips" or "candy" written on it...), the fact that they included the tilde... And now I've had it for so long I have to keep keeping it, if that makes sense. I think it's about eleven years old. Really crazy, right?
Do you have anything a little bit weird that you've held onto for longer than seems necessary?

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