Tuesday, November 6, 2012

DIY: Cute Mummy Costume

I originally just wanted to buy a mummy costume, that would have made everything much simpler (and possibly cheaper). I wanted to be a cute mummy, not a sexy one (I would like to wear it to work!) so I figured making one would give me the result I wanted.

I have no sewing abilities to speak of, so I was hoping a glue gun would suffice. So the costume I made can't be put in the washer, but if you have sewing abilities, that would make it better.

Supplies purchased:
  • dresses (I bought three of the same dresses from H&M for ten bucks each, then another one from an online store called the ten dollar mall)
  • flower hair clips (purchased at H&M)
  • mask
  • fringe
  • flowers
  • birdie clip (purchased at Michaels)
I was really concerned that once I glued on all the layers I would not be able to get into the dress so I made sure the dress had a zipper in the back and I only did the front of the bodice.

Here are three of the dresses I used (I used four total), the one on the mannequin is the one I used as the base:
Step One: Fill tub with hot water and tea bags and clothing. 
Tip #1: Don't use items that are not natural materials, the tea color will not stick very well. Try to find cotton or cotton blends.

I used this tea:
Tip #2: Do not just leave the items soaking and go watch TV and forget that you started a project. You need to stir it up otherwise only the parts where the tea bags settled will get the most color. You know, like what I did. I have the attention span of a gnat sometimes. So I didn't really get a full one tea dye result with my items. Also I think I needed to add more tea bags.

Step Two: Put everything in the dryer.

Step Three: Cut up the dresses
I cut up the skirt part of the dresses in two different ways. One in threes to make the ruffle layers, and another in strips to make the criss crosses, knots, and other details.

(the dress I used for color contrast that I didn't take a photo of is the one I got from the ten dollar mall shop)
I didn't use the bodices, maybe some other project?

Step Four: Layer the skirts and strips onto the base dress with glue. I first positioned the pieces with pins to get an overall idea of what I wanted it to look like then I glued them into place.
So this is what it looked like before I started gluing everything together.
I left the back of the bodice free so that I wouldn't have to worry about it being too restricted. I ended up wearing a long sleeve cardigan to work so the back wasn't visible.
Step Five: Add knots and bows
It came out cute, but not obvious. I had to keep telling people what I was! Most people thought I was some kind of rag doll. Next year I will be something more obvious. Maybe.

Mummy Mask
I didn't want to bother with makeup for the costume (because I suck donkey balls at such things) so I decided to add a mask. I went for a masquerade type feel. The mask came out the best I think.
For the base I glued on some leftover fabric from the dresses. I cut even thinner strips and criss-crossed those.Then I added the lace detail around the eyes and fringe on the bottom.

Hope everyone had a fun halloweenie!
(I'm holding a hot-dog, decorated for Halloween, get it?)


  1. ahh i loved it! it was so cute! next year bob and i will spend more time on our costumes. i think he wants to be a bartender again but he wants a vest that fits well and a real nice solid apron.

  2. This is awesome! Pinteresting this now!

    1. I feel like the mask was the best part! Most people thought I was a cute rag doll ;)

  3. That is cute - and really creative!

    1. Most people thought I was a rag doll, not a mummy so I kind of feel I should re-title it, ha.