Friday, October 12, 2012

Foods I thought I didn't like... but do.

Home-Style Biscuits
Biscuits from KFC
I would never eat these. They looked dry and dull. Then one time I was really hungry and decided to eat one and used the honey packet. Wow. What the hell was I thinking? These things are amazing. Next time I'm just getting biscuits.

I had only really had gin in a gin and tonic. Those are nasty. So I thought it was the gin. I couldn't be more wrong. After a hike I went to a friends house and he offered me a shot of some gin he had just purchased (shots of gin after hiking, that's what people do right?). I smell it and taste it. It was like drinking the smell of a hike! It was wonderful! I imagined hiking on a crisp autumn afternoon, finding a nice grassy place to sit and settling down to a picnic of this cold gin, hard salami, gooey brie cheese and some french bread. Maybe sitting with my cats under the tree in my backyard will have to suffice. Delicious! 

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