Sunday, October 21, 2012

DIY: Halloween Holiday Crackers

One of my friends makes little gifts for her daughter and a few of her friends every Halloween. This year I wanted to contribute a little something and I found this cute idea from the Martha Stewart website:
For my crackers, I just used tissue sheets (12x18), twine and some Halloween adhesive die-cuts. I filled each tube with three pieces of candy. 

One of my friends gave me the idea to put nail polish instead of candy inside which would have been super awesome. Too late! Ah Tricky Dick (<--- this was Richard Nixon's nickname, I'm bringing it back. But with my meaning: Darn. Or like I'm blaming Richard Nixon. Either way, it's fun to say).

I used the entire sheet of tissue paper for each roll because otherwise it was too see-through. Made it even easier, no cutting!

I didn't have a glue stick so I used Rubber Cement. It was a bit tricky to use with the tissue paper, but once it dried I don't think you can see that I used too much on a few spots. I really think a glue stick would be much better.
These were a cinch to make! I think I will definitely be making these again. It would be really easy to adapt them for any holiday. I might even make them more like true crackers and include the "snap" component. (This website as all the bits and pieces to make your own holiday crackers, even the little party hats.)
Some of the reviews on this project think the idea of using any items that have been in the bathroom is gross and unsanitary. I think this is a little silly. You put your toothbrush in your mouth every day and THAT lives in the bathroom... BUT, if the idea still creeps you out, it's really simple to get around the germy toilet paper rolls. You can either order the components online or use paper towel rolls and cut to size. Or you can not cut it and make a mega-cracker!

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