Wednesday, September 26, 2012

GlossyBox: September 2012

I wanted to wait until I had tried all the products before I posted about my September box, but of course its almost to the end of the month and I am a lazy girl so... yeah.

I absolutely adore the packaging but I think at this time, this service is not for me. I am only vaguely interested in beauty products some of the time so I think my money would be better spent elsewhere. Maybe if there was a monthly service dedicated only to lip glosses...

Septembers Box:

  • Biolage ExquisiteOil Replenishing Treatment: I do plan on using this, I like to try out products that reduce frizz.
  • Ellis Faas Ellis Lips: Um, tried this. Not a fan. Most of it was because of the weird orange color. The other part was the weird container. 
  • Illamasqua Nail Varnish: Again, I do not care for the color, but the bottle is cute.
  • Ole Henriksen Truth Serum: Didn't try this yet, but I smelled it and smells like oranges. Yum.
  • Touch In Sol Feel like Honey Moon Skin Base: Interested in trying this next time I put on makeup. It seems to have a nice citrusy scent and there are little flakes of gold throughout the gel. So attractiveness of product is a win so far.

Okay, so let's look at the two products that I did manage to try out. First up: Ellis Lips Milky Lips:
What is up with that container??? Looks like a skinny vibrator. Not something I would want to whip out during dinner to re-apply my gloss. Ugh. It is not cute.
So I was able to figure out that you twisted that back to get the gloss to come out the front with the brush... But I twisted too much:
I suck. This stuff is oily and hard to wash off. Here is the color on me (and all my shiny/pore goodness):
(Once when I was waiting for a bus, this old Italian man sat next to me and pointed to my mole and said that it was really sexy. Um. Okay. I still don't care for it but now I laugh 'cause now I think of my mole with an Italian accent. Weird, I know.)

Now the Illamasqua nail polish:

It applied okay, started off a bit streaky. I think I would probably like it in another color.

I'm ready for that beauty advise position at Glamour, yes? Haha!

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