Thursday, September 27, 2012

Foods I want to like... but don't.

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Its cute. Its artistic. I want to like it... but I don't. Maybe its the sushi rice or the seaweed. I have no idea. I will keep trying! (Its not the raw fish, give me a plate of sashimi and it will be gone). 
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Greek Yogurt
Yogurt is good for you. Those sugar laden ones are not. I want to like you greek yogurt, I try with fruit, I try with granola, I try with honey... Bleh. I will just keep trying different brands...
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I love fruit aka Natures Candy. Mango? You are disgusting. You always taste like you are overripe. Ugh. I've tried you fresh, dried, as ice-cream, as salsa, as a smoothie, as a candy flavor... I just don't like you.

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