Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First Wedding Anniversary: The Cake

At my wedding I did not do a lot of the activities people do at these things like: tossing the bouquet, garter toss, money dance, father/daughter dance... Like I've said, I'm not really one for traditions.

Our cake came with the "anniversary cake" that you are suppose to freeze and eat later on your one year anniversay. I was tempted to just eat it the next day, it looked really yummy. But I figured, why not, just freeze it and try to eat year old freezer burnt nasty cake with my special man. Sounds fun. Yay for picking the weird tradition to follow!

 So it only got smooshed a little bit.
What pairs with year old cake? Pomegranate sparkling wine of course!
The cake actually stayed moist, but had that slight freezer taste to it. I only took the smallest of bites as did my Jellybean.

Too bad, it looked like it would have been yummy. I do NOT recommend saving cake for a year! Just eat it the next day.

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