Monday, September 24, 2012

First Wedding Anniversary: The Gift

My first wedding anniversary was this year and I was a bit stuck as what to get for my husband. He is the type of person that A) has expensive tastes and B) buys everything for himself anyway. Although I am not a traditional person, I was thinking of using the traditional wedding anniversary list for inspiration (the "modern" one mostly has appliances on it which I think is really silly and hard to be creative with).

So, first year = paper. 

Hmm. I looked online for suggestions: concert tickets, plane tickets, stationary, books, scrapbooks, photos, gift certificates, cards, poems, posters... Lots of ideas, but nothing I think Jellybean would want/like, or within my price range (or that I want to waste my money on. What guy would want a scrapbook??). Plane tickets would involve a destination. That would involve a hotel. And dinner(s). Sounds like a lot of money. And planning. I hate planning. Plus he hates being on planes. Moving on...

I have been told from many sources (okay, three. That counts as "many", right?) that not having any photos of me and my husband in the house is weird. I have a total of zero photos of anything in the house actually. I have never liked a lot of clutter and knick-knacks, both of which lead to dust and dusting and visual eye-ache. Ugh.

I didn't like the idea of a photo, but a photo as ART, that I like. I came across the website and waited until I found a deal I liked. I was able to get 50% off plus free shipping. I ordered the largest size (40 in/40 in) and hoped I picked a decent photo and detailed it correctly. I picked such a large size because I wanted to place it on a large blank wall we have in the dining room. This is the photo I decided to use:

The canvas arrived within a couple of weeks. I did not take a picture of the actual canvas but I think that it came out pretty good. I cropped out everything except for us and the gazebo in the back. My husband was trying to be very tactful, but he did NOT like the idea of having such a large photo of us downstairs. We* decided that it would be better in the bedroom. For now its in the closet with the other wedding photos. I get it: no more photo gifts. (If it ever makes it onto a wall, I will take a photo of it then). We put up some of our Disney art instead.

I'm glad that I had also decided to re-buy a pen that I destroyed in the wash (not my fault, it was in his jacket of a thousand pockets). One uses a pen to write on paper, so that fulfills the first year! Phew.

My husband bought me a kindle gift card (he finds it amusing I just download samples to read. Hey, they are FREE and I can download as many as I want!) and a printout of a game he ordered for me (more dancing!) and a new laptop. He says all are paper related :) He was trying to do the traditional thing too.

His Aunts were super cute and bought us some paper themed gifts too:
First year down, hopefully many more to go!

*I suggested it to him (and he looked so relieved! so really, I gave him two gifts!) since I saw that he was struggling to be nice about my gift. Since half my reasoning for buying it was because I thought it was funny, placing it out of view would not hurt my feelings.

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