Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jelly Belly Factory

I went to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, Ca for the first time this summer. They offer free tours, and is a destination for school field trips. I found the tour to be mostly meh. Its okay to go once, but I can't see myself going on the tour again just for myself.

If you go during the week, you can watch the factory "in action" as they do not work on weekends (but they still have tours). The one cool thing of the tour was that they gave samples (and by sample I mean one jellybean each) of the jellybeans in their various stages (center only, coating no polish, finished product) as you went through the tour.

The really super cool part was at the end when you get to choose what flavor sample to take home, which is in a super cute crayon (with working tip!) container. They also included a couple samples of the sport beans. 

You are not allowed to take photos during the tour, but here are some I took while waiting:
As you wait for your tour to begin, there are several pieces of art made of jellybeans. I took a photo of the the bear because it seemed out of place next to all the celebrities and historical figures. I'm guessing a bear because its California?

Now. The candy shop? I bought ten bags of jelly flops (not all for me! I swear!) which came out to five dollars a bag. The belly flops are the jellybeans that do not look "perfect" (too big/small, stuck together). What a genius concept to sell all the odd looking candy! I love it. I would go back to buy more candy. 

Some facts I learned from the tour:

  • What do they do with all the candy that falls on the floor during production? They ship the candy to the pig farms! Lucky piggies!
  • Top three selling jellybean flavors: 1. Very Cherry 2. Buttered Popcorn 3. Black Licorice (#3 surprised me).
It was fun, but mostly I think it depends on who you go with as you will be in the car and in line with them for  awhile. It is probably best to go during the week (and maybe not summer?) and early (they open at 8). By ten, all the school buses have arrived and the line is long and loud! I would recommend this trip to a friend, or take an out of towner. Though I would probably also include a tour at the local brewery (Anheuser-Busch) to round out the day.

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