Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gilroy Garlic Festival

There is a three day garlic festival every year in the city of Gilroy, Ca. My husband and I went for the first time this year. We decided to take the Friday off so that we could go the first day of the festival and avoid the crazy crowds on Saturday or Sunday.

I bought our tickets online for $15 each. They have tickets that include a meal, but we decided that we would rather pick and choose our food once we were there.

Once you get into the city they had lots of signs and police to let you know which way to go to park your car, which was nice. They had us drive out to the middle of nowhere (though it is Gilroy, so you're already in the middle of nowhere, ha!) to park in a dirt field.  Our civic was not too happy about this. They had buses available to drive you to the festival which had me a bit concerned (how far is it???) but once we saw old people taking off to walk, we figured we would be fine to walk as well.

The walk was decent, though I should have worn some shoes with traction since most of the path was paved with gravel and was a bit steep.

This festival is ALL about the food (though I was tempted to buy a garlic hat). Super yummy! The festival helps the local community and without this festival, the high school wouldn't be able to support their sports teams. I was happy to help support!

Some food we ate:
First thing I ate was the shrimp scampi. So good! The garlic bread was super yummy too.
The nachos were a bit disappointing:

Beer battered garlic fries with aioli and crab:
Of course, you cannot go to the garlic festival without trying the garlic icecream! Which they give out FREE, how awesome is that?

Here are some photos of some of the food booths:
(Jellybean tried the boar)
Rubber chickens!

 How cute are these little shrimp???

My Jelly Bean and I had fun and I think we will go again next year. We both love garlic and it was fun to meet up with our friends there. The shrimp scampi will be first on my list again for sure.

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