Monday, August 13, 2012

25 Things That Make Me Happy

Adventures of a Misfit Librarian
(Stole this list idea from Misfit Librarian)
  1. Finding money you forgot about (like in my purse or jeans pocket or cigar box)
  2. Kitty purrs
  3. The smell of freshly cut grass
  4. Typing funny names at work (Buffalomeat, North East West)
  5. A clean house
  6. Having inside jokes with my husband (manatee!!!)
  7. Three day weekends
  8. Rearranging furniture
  9. Anthropomorphic fruit/food
  10. Pico de gallo
  11. Harassing Snuggling random cats when I go for a walk around the neighborhood
  12. When my husband really likes something I cooked (and actually asks me to make it again)
  13. Taking a nap in a sunlit room
  14. Getting free food from work
  15. Knowing an answer on Jeopordy (once I knew the whole column on fungi... who knew?)
  16. When my baby-kat decides that she is in a snuggle mood and not a biting mood
  17. When my cat Toki purposely slides on the tile (she thinks its fun)
  18. When my Soya kitty runs like a bear (imagine a bear lumbering after salmon in slow-motion)
  19. Doing silly walks around the house when no one else is there
  20. Any drink that comes in a tiki glass
  21. When my outside kitties (Peaches, PianoCat, Boston, FluffyTail) get excited when they see me
  22. The smell of coffee (sometimes I will pause outside a Starbucks just to sniff, so yummy!)
  23. Shopping with friends
  24. Sugar and its many forms
  25. Planning and making lists

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