Sunday, July 22, 2012

What I Wore: Retro/60's

I like how this outfit had a retro/60's vibe to it:
 Top: New York and Co (XS)
Jeans: Abercrombie Kids (14)
Sunglasses: Elizabeth Arden (prescription)
Belt: Ralph Lauren (S)
Shoes: Pink Ice (5.5)

Yes, I shop in the kids department. At least for jeans. That happens when you are only 5'1 and you don't want to be bothered with altering everything. Or anything at all. I just want things to fit off the rack, is that too much to ask?

The top is just a bit large on me. I have to be careful not to bend over too much. I'm not sure how it will look if I tried to layer it with a cardigan, might bunch up and wrinkle and twist around and give me that lovely "i'm wearing someone elses clothes and I got dressed in a hurry in the dark" look that I love so much*.
Also: Major props to anyone who posts What I Wore pics all the time. Trying to find an ideal setting (good lighting, not ugly) is difficult (my house is mostly dark, and the rooms that are light, are very plain and not interesting for photos). Plus, if you don't have a photographer or tripod, that can make things awkward and difficult. I accomplished the full body shots by hanging my camera from a tree branch. I'm resourceful! (I also felt awkward taking the photos in general and was really hoping neither my Jellybean or brother decided to look for me while I was in the middle of doing this).
There are a few things about my outfits that I would like to work on. First thing would be accessories. I don't have very many. I think a floral hair clip would have made this outfit extra cute.

The second thing would be color combinations. Be bold! Be daring! Black is too easy.

Third thing is my hair. My hair sucks and it knows that and it secretly plots against me during the night, and not so secretly during the day. My solution is just to pin it up because I have no skill or patience to deal with it.
if you can relate to Cameron Diaz's hair in Being John Malcovich, then you know what I mean.
Fourth thing would be makeup. Maybe. A large part of me thinks age 30 is kind of too old to learn. Plus this would equal more time and money. But I think learning to do a bit of eye makeup would be nice.

*This is a lie. I do not like this.

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