Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New This Week: Handbag and Tee

Fossil handbag and Woot t-shirt:

 I really love the color and the hardware:

 My baby-kat Izze always thinks its play time:

 Chillin' with mamma's new things. Because everything that is mine is also hers apparently.

 T-Shirt detail! Super kawaii!!!

T-shirt: $12 (thank you jellybean aka husband!)
Handbag: $85 (originally $198, thank you one day sale, coupons and reward certificates!)


  1. Hia Heather,

    Many thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a cute comment! :) I really appreciate it! Love this handbag, its turquoise!! :)

  2. @izzywizz

    Your outfits are too adorable not to comment! I'm trying to add more accessories and color to my wardrobe. Love turquoise too!