Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cream of Wheat


Growing up, my mom would make breakfast every morning. Twice a week would be Cream of Wheat. Which wasn't as exciting as raspberry turnover Wednesday, (though is anything?) or a soft boiled egg with butter (I don't remember getting that every week, so that breakfast doesn't get a day). To be honest, it wasn't exciting at all. Except for the turbinado sugar. SUGAR. FOR BREAKFAST. I would pour milk over the cereal, mix thoroughly and then pour a liberal amount of crunchy sugar on the top. Though, the best part was finding lumps. That’s right. Little chewy lumps of cereal mixed in with the creaminess. (This happens if you don't whisk the cereal continuously through the boiling process. I did not know this secret at the time, just enjoyed my little yummy surprises.)

Though if the cereal was made on the weekend, and my dad was at the table, Step 2 was considered "playing with your food." So you had a congealed lump of cereal in the middle of cold milk. Like a little beige island. (My sister and I use to have hushed discussions that the picture of the cereal on the back of the box showed that it was mixed and creamy! If its on the box, it must be right). You could still pour sugar on the top. But not too much. I didn't like this method much. At first.

Now that I'm an adult (technically), I have developed my most favorite way of eating Cream of Wheat. (Yes, I still make it.)

Step 1: Make too much. ( I use water, not milk, just like my mom. Make sure you do not whisk too much so you get lumps.)
Step 2: Pour some in a bowl.
Step 3: Let cool slightly.
Step 4: Pour turbinado sugar on top. Eat this.
Step 5: Pour rest of cereal in a plastic container. Let this congeal completely. This turns into rubbery little bars that you can eat with your hands later and dip into the raw sugar. The milk step is completely gone now. Congealed cereal for the win!

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