Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ew. Seriously? So gross.

(not me though I'm sure I made this face many times!) 
Inspired by another blogger, here is a list of foods that at some time in my past that I did not care for. Putting this list together made me realize just how picky of an eater I was as a child!

Grilled cheese sandwiches These were the worst. I would usually try to feed them to the dog or eat my lunch by the fireplace so I could hide them in the ashes. Still not a fan.

Pizza (or more specifically) Cheese on pizza. How to eat pizza like me: take off toppings. Scrape off cheese and most of the sauce. Place desired toppings back on.

Hot dog skins And do not think about grilling them! When I was younger: No marks of any kind, no splitting either. But I am the opposite now! 

Cooked mushrooms Course of action: Push around the plate until they are cold and you are told you have to eat just ONE before you leave the table. Eat one slimy, cold horribleness and leave the rest behind. Victory! I absolutely LOVE mushrooms now.

Cheese Not going to lie, any cheese, cooked or otherwise. I have now grown to enjoy some cheeses such as brie, fresh mozzarella, blue, and feta.

Ranch dressing People put this on what??? I found just the sight of this dressing to be vomit inducing. Now I love it! I am even known to dunk PIZZA IN RANCH. What have my adult tastes buds turned into???

Nuts in baked goods Why would you do this to a cookie?!? Still am not a huge fan, but it isn't always a deal breaker any more. Which leads me to:

Raisins in baked goods Whyyy do you hate me??? Still not a fan.

Whole cooked tomato Ugh. So many pasta sauces include whole chunks of tomato. My husband and I just pick them out.

Brown bread  Not that I had ever eaten any, it just looked gross. Now I buy brown bread on purpose, with honey and oats. Yum!

Potato salad that did not look like my moms Why is it YELLOW? I now enjoy all kinds of potato salad, after all, it has potato!

Raw onions Didn't even SMELL like something you should eat. I'm sure my husband wishes this was still the case. I love some raw red onions on my salad!

Pepperoni These would just curl up into little cups of grease, so gross. Still will not eat these if they are on a pizza. I don't mind them in little pieces like on a bagel bite.

Chocolate If I picked out candy, it was usually Neccos, because, you know, I was born in the forties. I do eat a lot more chocolate than I use to, but it is usually hormone driven and still isn't my first choice for candy.

Cooked spinach Still do not like. This stuff is amazing raw, why does it get so gross cooked? I have found that I like spinach dip though.

Beef stew I am not a huge soup fan, and stews are on the bottom of my list. Guess I haven't outgrown this one.

Mayonnaise Crime against nature. My husband likes to eat his steamed broccoli with mayo which I find so gross. I don't mind mayo if it is mixed in something, like tuna, or spread thinly on bread but I just am not a fan of huge gobs of it.

Peanut butter I do not like peanut butter. It's so dry and thick. 

Ketchup I remember preferring mustard. I still do, though I like to mix mayo with mustard, or mustard and ketchup, or ketchup and mayo.

Grape flavored things Popsicle's, skittles, jelly... Now I don't mind so much. It may not be the first flavor I grab, but I'm going to eat and enjoy it if it is there. Flavored sugar is a win in my book :)

Any meat that was not well done No pink! This one really makes me laugh now because I prefer my meat to be medium-rare to rare. 

I am sure that there are some other items that could make the list... It’s amusing how many "kid friendly" foods are on there! What kid doesn't like pizza and chocolate??? Luckily, I have outgrown many of these items (ranch dressing anyone?), being a picky eater is no fun!

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