Sunday, December 4, 2011

I have a new camera!

My awesome hubby bought me a new camera aptly named the "bloggie".

Its super cute and lightweight. It doesn't have a flash and it seems hard to prop up for the timed photos, so I don't think this completely replaces my old camera. But the sleek and lightweight design, and the simplicity is winning me over. Here are some photos:

Neil took this one. I was trying to demonstrate the little square focus thing on the camera.

 blurry! need to practice on taking my own photos....

 Soya ♥LOVES♥ the outside. It makes me smile how much she likes it so I indulge her when I can.

 Awwww. My little baby.

 Decided how it would do on focusing on close-ups... I like how it turned out anyway, focusing on the background.

I think it does closeups pretty well, just takes some patience. This is from one of the MANY trees in my back yard which I've been going back and forth on keeping or not. It does have PURPLE flowers so that should be a winner right away, right?

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