Saturday, October 15, 2011

Facebook Pay It Forward: 2011

In the beginning of this year, a few of my friends posted this on facebook:

I promise to make something handmade for the first five people who comment. They must in turn post this and make something for the first five who comment on their status. The rules are it has to be handmade by you, and they must receive it before 2011 ends.”

I decided that it would be fun to participate. I love putting together little gifts. (This will become very apparent.)

It is now October and I have yet to send out my handmade something. Not that I haven't been working on it. Here is proof:

(Its not as big as it looks in the photo)

Not handmade, but it is the container that will contain said handmade item(s). Progress!

Firstly, I was stumped as to what I could actually make. One friend gave me the idea to include something edible. That I could probably do. Anyone who has eaten my cooking knows that it is a hit and a miss. Maybe more misses. So with understanding my limitations, I wanted to keep it simple, easy and fairly inexpensive. I think I have accomplished this, now to just put it all together!

Even though I procrastinated and haven't officially finished this one yet, I plan on participating for 2012 as well. I just really love this idea! Though I don't know why I think I need more projects on my plate...

Like starting a blog.

Hoping to post soon with all the goodies!

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