Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Confessions 4-26-15

Sunday Confessions
This weeks confessions:

I've been making a list of confession ideas in advance because I don't trust I will figure out what to write on the spot. I also have split them into three's, because I like having three things to confess.

Went to watch the newest fast and furious film (I think I've only watched three others, I had no idea this was like number SEVEN) and I found that I was okay with the violence and fighting, just not the HEIGHTS. There was a scene with a bus hanging over a cliff and a guy trying to get out of it and back on the road but I had to close my eyes! My toes were going numb :(

My husband wanted to seriously try to lose weight about two months ago and asked for my help. He tried the jello diet a few years ago (eat only jello for dinner for a month) and it worked... he lost a good amount of weight but he gained it all back and then some. As almost all diets will do. I told him that if I get involved, it won't be a DIET but a LIFESTYLE change. It was a bumpy road the first week, by day three he was grouchy (so hangry!) and I was going to cry. But we stuck with it, and kept up with communicating as couples have to do, and we have made some real progress. It was a learning process (and still is!), but he has lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks so far! I am so proud of him :) He wants to lose a total of 50 pounds, so we are well on our way. Right now he hasn't added any exercise to his routine, we've just been working on portion control and cutting out certain items like soda and fried food. I'm afraid of hitting a plateau with the weight loss, because I know that will be really discouraging for him.

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Confessions 4-19-15

Sunday Confessions
Becky from the blog United States of Becky has started her own link up! I missed last weeks debut but hopefully not too many more. I'm a bad blogger friend!!!

This weeks confessions:

I've been cleaning and organizing my "closet" and realized that I didn't have enough hangers for all my clothes. So instead of buying a few more of the slim line hangers, why not start buying the hangers I really want? And if I'm doing that, why not order all the hangers I need? AND IF I'M DOING THAT, why not order enough to get the free shipping? So that turns out to be A LOT OF FUCKING HANGERS. I may have miscounted how many I really needed. And by may I mean I can't seem to count to a hundred* (that seems like too many, is that too many???). At least now I won't run out... And if I manage to use them all up, that is telling me I have too much crap.

I ate a box of hot tamales instead of my cereal for breakfast one day. I only feel a little guilty... mostly because that was a waste of milk. This is why I can't bring candy to work. I will almost always make the worst choice. The idea was to have the candy as an afternoon snack, so it's not like I wasn't going to eat it... I just ate things out of order so I couldn't eat the cereal later (you know, cause the milk was warm). ARRGH.

I have a problem of picking the wrong outfit to wear to events. It's either too dressy, or appropriate for night vs day, or something else wrong with it. Like, I went to the movies with a friend in the afternoon and I was wearing an outfit more appropriate for meeting up for drinks at night. She was dressed  in shorts, a tank, and sandles. I was wearing my moto jeans, black booties, and black blouse. Why so much black??? It was so HOT OUTSIDE. I felt so stupid. I have two events coming up that are stressing me out as to what to wear that would be right, so I don't feel like that. But I'm guessing I still will, because that always happens.

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*its really more than a hundred hangers. but writing a hundred felt like a really big number and I don't want to write the real number. On a post that is suppose to be about confessions.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Strange things

I've had this little container since my teens, maybe since I was sixteen? Not sure if I bought it or if it was a gift, or where it is from.
Now, why have I kept this trivial little thing? Me being such a minimalist? Well, there is something stashed in here, for whatever reason, I just can't make myself get rid of. Otherwise I would have tossed this container a long time ago.
That's right. That is a dead yellow jacket. Weird, I know. 
My little brother had put it in the container for me at one point, I'm guessing because it was empty. He had such a strange habit of having to fill things. Like, I spent time making little tiny mud bricks then building a little cabin out of said bricks (I wish I had a photo of it! I really have no idea what possessed me to make it), and then placed the tiny structure on my window sill. When I would come home from school, there was usually something in it, like a pile of earth worms, that he felt needed to be in there. I didn't keep that little mud cabin or the worms (I put them back outside, poor things!), but I did keep this. 18+ years later, and I'm sure he has no idea that I have it or that he put the little creature in there. I feel like since I've had it this long, I'm just going to keep keeping it. Why not?

Is there anything that you've held onto that you didn't intend to?

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Butterfly Clip Favors

Oriental Trading Company once again! They really do have a ton of cute crafty items. The only thing I didn't get from there were the stickers. Originally I was going to seal the bags with those, but then I saw the cute mini clothespins and I was like, um, YES I HAVE TO USE THOSE SOMEHOW.
So I glued some butterfly's to them and used those to close the bags instead. Definitely added a little something more to the favors!
I filled them with various pastel Easter candies. My coworkers were wowed with their cuteness :) :) :)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Video: Home Alone

I made a video! With me talking! And I kind of do that vocal fry thing, oh no :(
Things I could have talked about in the video but I didn't:

  • Went to the movies on Saturday with Amanda
  • Helped Michelle with her taxes on Sunday
  • Reorganized the pantry

And signatures??? I think I meant autographs. Oy.
If I make another video, I think I need to write out some talking points before hand. I feel like I've said this before... 

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