Saturday, September 20, 2014

Caturday: Kitty Lashes

One year I will have to do a cat related costume of some sort. How awesome are these lashes???

Thursday, September 18, 2014

New front door!

 I just love some before and afters! What a difference!
A real door handle? Is this real life?
The reason why I chose this color for the front door is to try to tie in the kitchen colors, since the living-room, dining room, and kitchen are essentially one room. I think it works? I'm pretty happy with the result. I am so glad I have Neil to help me because I really make the decision process more painful than I think it needs to be. It helps to really communicate what my end goal is. Of course I have to try to figure out what that is... 

Neil is pretty awesome at visualizing things in advance, I need time and actual items to manipulate in front of me. We went to several stores to look at doors so that he could get an idea of what I liked. Of course the first door I like is like a billion dollars. He was like, um, you really like this one? I was like yeah, uh wait, how much is it? 2000 dollars??? Yeah, hellz no. So Neil went online to find a cheaper version. I think this one was less than $800.
 One step at a time, ugly house gets less ugly!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

3rd Wedding Anniversary: Leather

Year number three!
My roommate/coworker suggested that I go all fifty shades of grey on this years gift, but yeah, I don't think so. 

I did a quick search online and there were some good ideas but my husband didn't need any of the obvious ones like a wallet or belt.

I really didn't want to just buy something just for the sake of fulfilling this theme, I wanted it to be something useful. Why does my husband have to be so hard to shop for???

So I thought, what if there is just leather in the name and it's not actually a leather item in itself? You know, like I did with cotton?

First idea: fruit leather. That would be a gift for me, not him. Try again.

English leather: the soap. No idea how it smells, he is kind of particular on his soap.

Got it! Leather wipes for the new car! Since the seats are leather! Yes!
 That is a pretty lame gift by itself, but I already had been pinning gift ideas for him this year to be more prepared. He had commented earlier that he wanted art to hang at work so he could make a gallery wall not unlike what you see on IT Crowd (awesome show by the way).

For his birthday I had gotten him a captain american manatee canvas print. Manatee is an inside joke so I didn't think I needed to bother putting my name on it, I just sent it to his work. He didn't get it right away. His text to me was "did you send me a manatee?" Uh, hello! Who else???
So again, my anniversary gift also took awhile. It's the Spanish rap from Community (another awesome show). But he started reading it in parts, and was like, "This is in Spanish?"....

And the leather wipes: "But we don't have a leather couch?"

I think maybe I need to stop being so "clever" ;)

He liked both gifts once he figured it out though, so no worries. Like he says: "I got there".

Next year is fruit and flowers... That is going to take some thinking.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This Looks Edible: Flickr

Okay so what was I thinking? That I could try to manage TWO BLOGS when I pretty much abandoned my first blog for the whole entire summer???

So I have moved my bento photos to my flickr account.


And if my lunches make you have the sadz that your lunch is lacking, here is a site that I love because it represents the lunches that I DON'T take photos of. 

Trust me though, if you don't see a photo of my lunch that is because it was a pathetic one not worth documenting. There are so many. Too many...

Here is a wonderful example from that site:
Hahaha, they are even eating it OUT OF THE CAN. Cold, I'm assuming? I feel better, thanks random person :)

Monday, September 15, 2014


When I first met my husband he was into watching WWE which I was very critical and mean and judgmental. I had never known anyone who had watched it and it just seemed so silly and stupid. So he kind of stopped watching it much to my relief.

Then he made a friend that was into it and he started watching it again. 

I still think it's silly and stupid, but not in a mean way. It's just suppose to be fun, and I really love how much he and his one friend are into it. I will even sit there a bit and watch. But mostly to tease Neil about the shiny panties.

So when a show came to our city (non televised) he and his friend wanted to go and Neil asked me as a courtesy, fully expecting me to wrinkle my nose and say no thanks.

I said sure, why not?

I don't think I have ever seen him at a loss for words.
This lasted like two seconds but still, it counts.

So it becomes a group thing which I liked, because I didn't want to be the only girl.

And it becomes an all day thing. 
I was not expecting that. 

We meet up with two of the friends for lunch about 12:30. Mind you, the show doesn't start until six. We eat and hang out a bit. Then we go out to start walking towards the event center. We stop for ice cream. Still a bit early. Pass by a bar, decide to hang out there a bit before standing in line for our seats. I don't get carded for the second time in two weeks. Sad face.
The show was entertaining but I loved people watching the most. There was a father with two young girls (preteen?) in front of us and he had bought them the belt and some other souvenirs. Most girls are John Cena fans but these two little girls were part of the chant "Cena Sucks!" which was so funny. 

There was also a family that brought their son as a surprise. They were a bit late, but they had a blind fold on him and carried him down to the arena before taking it off. I'm sure with all the noise and music and chanting he was thoroughly confused. He just stood there not moving for what seemed like forever. He was in shock. Then he suddenly gives his mom a huge hug while his dad hands him a foam finger and a toy belt. He clutched those things so close to his chest! I wanted to cry he looked so happy!

Though I think it would be hard to top Eric's enthusiasm :)

So after the show, the day is still not over. We walk over to Original Joe's to get dinner. I don't get home until almost midnight! My introverted self needed some recharging stat.

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