Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Britney Spears Play

Found a some random old photos on my laptop that I haven't used for my blog. I wore this ridiculous hat when I went to see a play about Britney Spears (I think two or three years ago?). I need to find more reasons to wear this thing. Right now it resides on my computer desk, on my mannequin head.

The play was so much fun! I love going to see musicals, I really need to make a point of seeing more. I took photos with the cast members; as a self proclaimed shy, introvert; sometimes I surprise myself.
I went with my friend and her sister and another lady. My friend's sister sneaked in shots of tequila in her purse. I think she even had ice to keep it chilled. Those two are so inventive on their silliness! 
My friend LOVES LOVES LOVES all things Britney, and I hope to get to Vegas with her so we can catch her show there. I know it's a hot mess, but that is kind of what makes Britney Britney.
I love participating in my friends random passions, it keeps life interesting. If you only do what you think you like, you are missing out on so much! I may never had thought to go to this play, but I'm so glad that I did. The music and costumes were stellar, and the idea behind it was clever.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Personalized Licence Plates #3

Since I'm not driving, I have a lot of free time to take in all the small details outside the window. There are always more lone shoes on the highway than I think there should be. But it's been awhile since I snapped some license plate photos! Sometimes we are moving too quickly to snap a good photo, and some I cannot remember at the time if they are someone I've taken photos of already, and a good portion of the time my phone is dead. I have such a bad habit of not charging the darn thing.

So... any guesses to what 1LOOSE1 might mean??? Kind of sounds like a variation of the phrase "you win some, you lose some", yes? No? Too much of a stretch?
Do they mean PC as in political correctness or PC as in personal computer or is this a MAC vs PC reference? So many possibilities...
Is this their nickname? "The Ouchie?" I imagine saying this in a really bad french accent: "Dis is zee boo boo cahrrr"

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Are you a Basic Bitch?

I find pop culture, the trends, and the seemingly random slang that crops up to be very interesting. I think that it can be very telling about the culture and underlying feelings of that era.

Not that I have or have ever had my finger on the pulse of what's 'It" or anything. I am more like an outsider, a foreigner, an alien, old person... Observing from WAY outside of the circle, trying on words for size that amuse me, usually way after the fact that they came about or are even used any more. 

I remember the first time hearing "in" vernacular in real life, not on TV. This story will show how cool I've always been. Ha, right. I was in my algebra class freshman year in high school, and there were two guys that sat behind me that would say things like "hecka fresh" and "hella tight". I remember being very aware of these phrases because I had never heard any one in my life say them before. I wish I could remember their names so I could look them up in my yearbook!

I also remember kind of liking the boy behind me. My awesome way of demonstrating this was being very smug about beating him on the quizzes and exams. Yeah, that's how you win someones affections; let them know how dumb you think they are and be condescending about their "low" score. He let me know after a few times that it really bothered him how I acted after each quiz. I was shocked because I didn't know I was being awful. Even though, hello, so obvious to anyone else. So I just stopped talking to him. I've got the smooth moves, don't be jelly.

And it's no surprise to anyone that I stayed single for a few years after that. My track record with boys and crushes did not improve.

Okay done with past Heather, back to right now Heather. 
And today's fun slang. 
And this millennial generation that I refuse to admit to being apart of. I'm Generation X! The cool kids! Right? Unfortunately, depending on what article you read, the year 1981 is usually clumped into the Millennial generation. Boo, I say.

So what has been knocking about in the ol' knoggin? What trendy phrase has worked itself into my lexicon? The current term "basic bitch." Or not so current as the case might be. Work with me here.

I understand that words and phrases can adapt different meanings depending on your social circle. It's wonderful how fluid a medium language is, that it's a continual evolving thing. Like the term "hood rat" can be a negative or a positive. Some people interpret it as "ghetto skank" and others might interpret it as "tough chick". Or if you were to go to Ireland and someone says "you look massive" you might take offense thinking they are saying you look fat when they really mean you look awesome. The same is with the phrase "basic bitch", so I am going to go with the meaning that resonates the most to me, and that is the one that means bland and boring, being a sheep instead of being different.

With this special snowflake generation, what could possibly be worse than being the same as everyone else? The internet makes everyone hyper aware of everyone, so it's pretty hard to like or be into something that a thousand other people haven't heard of or done already. Striving for that exclusive personalty and hobby list can be pretty daunting. I think everyone is going to like or do at least a few basic bitch things.

I love embracing things ironically (oh my gosh, how hipster of me! That's still a thing, right?), and since the basic bitch seems to also overlap typical white girl territory, I decided to try to make a checklist to see how basic/white I am. Personally I like finding out people like the same things as I do even if that happens to also be a popular thing. I'm not that concerned with trying to be different and quirky. I like what I like. Sometimes that is a common thing like salted caramel and sometimes it's an uncommon thing like Red Dwarf.

So take the quiz and see how basic you are!

I took this quiz, and as it turns out, I'm not that basic. Darn. I "failed" my own quiz! Whut. Of course I did. That's fine, I will still embrace my marginalized inner basic bitch because it's my new YOLO. 

Also I know how Hipster Ariel my photo looks. I can't even figure out what a basic bitch is suppose to look like! Basically I just put on a scarf and lipstick. Much effort, wow skill.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015 take 2! part 2

So I canceled.
Can't even dance around that hard truth.
Big ol' chicken canceled the fuck out of that.


I made myself sign up for another coffee date for two months later.
And told myself no take backs.
This is it.


I went! I was nervous, so so nervous. So many uncertainties, like would I recognize anyone? Luckily they were sitting by the window and I recognized one lady's curly blond hair from her photo. I ordered a cappuccino (oh lordy that was a mistake for later*) and a muffin and steeled myself. I had told Neil that I would stay at least 45 minutes and to expect my text.

45 minutes came and went. I texted him: I'm staying till two. 

I KNOW. I was having such an awesome time, I stayed and chatted with these ladies for TWO HOURS. It was so surprising and I was so thrilled! 

One of my coworkers passed by and saw me at the window and gave me a puzzled look and waved. She told me later she was trying to figure out what this group was to me, friends, family? We were such an odd group with our varying ages! One woman is Irish and had such a wonderful way with telling her stories, apparently she is an author and just published a book. I have yet to hunt it down and buy it, but its on my list!

I will be meeting with these lovely ladies again. I haven't signed up for one yet but they meet every first Saturday of the month for coffee. Plus, this experience made me brave enough to sign up for an event with a separate meetup group! I feel like I'm playing with fire though and that I can't possibly have as great of a time...

*it was so very yummy but apparently the caffeine was strong in this one. I was up until 4 in the morning and slept for four hours and was back up cleaning the house. I still wasn't that tired when it was time to sleep again... Neil said no more coffee!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Keyword Searches

Most keywords that show up don't surprise me and seem pretty normal. But then a few will come up that make me laugh or are just really puzzling. Of course there are potatoes:

Fell asleep like a potato
Is this a thing? Is this a question? Is it something people say? I don't think my blog has the answers to this one. I would think sleeping like a potato would be a pretty great sleep. If potatoes were people, seems like they would be really good at that.

Katy Perry loves sweet potatoes
Does she? I have no idea. She does have a garden, and I think she grows kale.

This girl was really 
FIVE times for this. I really have no idea what this means. Is it a quote from something??? I'm not sure what I have typed that would connect my blog to this.

G String Blog
Oy, I know exactly what post this links to! And I'm sure it is a very disappointing click for everyone using that search term.

link within

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