Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Confessions | 2-19-17

I Confess

The winds were pretty strong on Friday from our "storm" and lots of trees and fences fell over. On one freeway, people were stuck there for an hour before they could clear the debris. Last week there was flooding and mudslides and roads being washed away. Highway 17 needs to be re-thunk (i know "thunk" isn't the past tense of think) somehow! Highway 17 is the highway through the mountains to Santa Cruz which has lots of twists and turns and steep cliffs on the sides. It can be very dangerous to drive at night and during the winter. Never know when the mud is going to crash into your car! That freeway is always busy, people live in Santa Cruz but commute to the valley for work, and on the weekends, everyone from the valley wants to go to the beach.

Here's a link if you are interested. (photo number 4 is especially scary!)

I was a little worried about my own home because there are several large trees near my new fences, and the drivers at work were reporting all the fallen trees they had seen (the airport was without power for awhile because one fell on some power lines) but luckily no damage for me! The wind did blow open the lid and doors from our little plastic shed, which my husband thought I did, ha.

I Confess

Anybody else with Monday off? I do not but my husband does. Of course. He gets all the days.

I Confess

Taxes done! And we owe for the first time. Not a great deal but still. This does not bode well for future taxes.

Oh, let's see if this works, my husband sent me a video of a squirrel setting off the camera's motion sensor. They like to bury things in my plants:


so the camera can pick up a squirrel but it can't pick up our neighbors driving over our yard. got it.