Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | No. 41

This week's snapshots brought to you by green eyes :) And creeper turtle in the back. Too bad not brought to you by any eyebrows. I SWEAR I don't pluck them.

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The only thing I did of note this weekend was to go see Gwen Stefani on Saturday night with my friend Jen! One of her friends wasn't able to go so she asked me, how could I resist??? I had an absolute blast. This was my second "girl" concert (Katy Perry being my first) which means the bathroom line was super long. The line getting into the venue was super long too... Lot's of people! We got a wine carafe to share (it really was a whole bottle of wine!) plus some margaritas. One of the girls sitting/standing behind us grabbed our hands and had a "dance" (more like jumping) circle during one of the songs (when shit is bananas you kind of have to).

I somehow managed to do even more steps than last time.