Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Confessions | 8-28-16

I confess//

Normally I get about 5-10 views on my YouTube videos, but this last one got over 400!!! What. I think it's because I actually recorded it the weekend I got the box, instead of a week or two after. I record with just a few people in mind, so I was scared to see any down votes or negative comments. So far only one dislike (really person?) so not too bad. I was kind of making icky smacking noises when I was eating the popcorn, which I didn't notice until I watched it after. Sorry about that! My husband was like, did you put your blog title in the video? And I'm like, what. I don't know how to do that. I swear if he had a blog it would be doing so much better than mine.

I confess//

Soya was fussing about cleaning her booty one night, and then the next morning. Neil notices and expresses concern so I get a brush to see if I can find any fox-tails. I finally get her to lay down so I can inspect her bloomers, and lo and behold there is a fox-tail sticking out of her little vagina. Poor thing!

I confess//

The sides of the freeways have been especially dirty lately. I fantasize about cleaning it up but get stumped about stuff that wouldn't fit in those orange roadside cleanup bags they use. What do you do with fenders and ladders? Stack them in a big pile? Also, what is with all the single shoes. I get kid shoes; I imagine kids in the backseat getting bored and taking off a shoe and throwing it out the window. But... one single sneaker? One single heel? Sometimes I feel like keeping a trash journal, to see if there is a trend of certain roadside litter to correspond with certain days/seasons. I GET BORED AS A PASSENGER OKAY?

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