Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Confessions 5-24-15

Sunday Confessions
My husband has lost almost 30 lbs in the last three months! I am so proud of him for all the work he has been doing to accomplish that. I think he is hoping to lose at least 20 more. We've (I say "we" because I have been doing a lot of the work too: meal planning, food prep, measuring, calorie counting...) done all of it so far just from watching calories and omitting some food items (like fried food and soda). I've been cooking more, and have been trying to make his snacks more healthy, so he is eating less empty calories. I hope that we are making permanent food changes so that once he reaches the weight he wants, we can maintain his weight. We have both been putting in the work so it would suck to have it all undone.

Now as happy and proud that I am, there is also this annoying little feeling that makes me feel a bit anxious. You know the voice, little miss freak-out reaching for bizarre scenarios to make you feel bad and on edge voice. I know it's not sexy to admit insecurites, and it's not even a real one, like even I'm side eyeing the voice. She (I'm going to refer to the voice as a person. Not weird.) is afraid that after he loses the weight, somehow this will be detrimental to the relationship and we will get divorced. You know, he'll go find someone who drives and knows how to put on eye liner. I tried to figure out what I could do to quiet that voice so I researched where I could afford to buy a home and live my life (I figure I need to buy a home for several reasons. One: Turtle. Two: I don't want to squander the money I get from our house sale on rent because: Three: Rent is super high in this city and I just don't make enough money.) I know I can't afford to buy a home and live in my current city, so I started looking outside of California that had the right weather for turtle, and was urban enough where I wouldn't need a car. Yeah, I put some thought into it. I researched until I found an area that had at least five homes for sale in my price range and had a walk score of 70 or higher. So I told stupid voice that I would buy a home and relocate to Arizona. And maybe learn how to put on eye liner. Apparently bizarre scenarios can also soothe little Miss Freak-Out, so there you go. Am I really scared he is going to leave me? Of course not, I'm awesome. And we just refinanced the house, AGAIN. Like, that is a lot of love and paper work involved there. Like I said, it's not logical based on fact feelings, just that weird itch on the back of the brain. But she is being quiet now and we are just doing our best to help with the weight loss.

I will be going on a trip in a week and I'm both parts excited and not. Excited because it's a trip, and not because it's a long ass trip. I'm going to visit my dad up in Redding and that is SEVEN hours away. California is long, baby. I'm thinking I might do a day in my life hour by hour type thing. We shall see. It might just be hours of bored selfies. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's what it would be. I already packed my bag of snacks, but not like, my actual bag of stuff that I need. So, priorities.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Confessions 5-17-15

Sunday Confessions
Sometimes (so, like twice), my roommates stray sock has ended up in my laundry and I don't notice until I'm upstairs sorting and putting stuff away. And instead of going downstairs to give her the grimy old sock (or placing it on top of the dryer), I throw it away (oh, and one pair of really sad, embarrassingly worn pair of undies). I feel like I'm doing her a service. So eventually she will have to buy new socks. It's not like they are expensive socks. I know it's a terribly rude thing to do, but the socks are really gross and I'm mostly annoyed it's in my stuff. Not that that excuses my behavior, but this is confession time, right? Worst roommate ever. Me, that is.

With the new regulations for water usage in my state, I have been trying to be more conscience of my consumption. So for the first time I did not pre-wash my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. I just scraped off the large food chunks, and in they went. I know that soap commercials say you can just toss them in all dirty, but in the past food has still been stuck to the dishes. These were probably old and cheap dishwashers though... SO. With my dishwasher, the dishes came out clean! Yay! This is probably eye roll worthy news, but there you go.

This is also the first time I didn't have my confessions ready a week before. I wrote these yesterday while I was taking a break from laundry and dishes. You know, my favorite Saturday activities. Ha, I actually like the solitude alone time and that awesome feeling after everything is all clean and sparkly.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Squirrel Girl

 My husband and I were trying to figure out who in our group would be what superhero/villain. At first we were just doing superheros, most specifically the Avengers, and Neil was wondering who he would be. I asked who was left and he said Captain America, the Hulk... Immediately I said no way would you be Captain America, sorry. He's too... good. Not that my husband is a bad guy, I just feel if he had super powers... that would change the game. So that made me think Neil would be more of a villain, like Loki. 

We broadened the choices and decided he would probably start off as an anti-hero type like Dead Pool, then start being a villain like Loki. Cause you know, power mad. So then I asked him who I would be. He paused a bit, then said: Squirrel Girl. Whut. Apparently she is a real character and he didn't just make it up.

He starts to list her "powers" (which some MAKE NO SENSE) and said that even though she is totally ridiculous, she actually has beat some of the more powerful characters, like wolverine. Seriously??? There is no way in real life that a squirrel would beat a wolverine.

Her special attributes/skills:

  • Buck teeth for chewing through wood (um, squirrels don't chew through wood that I know of?)
  • A prehensile squirrel tail (squirrel tails are NOT prehensile)
  • Speaks/Understands the squirrel language
  • Super human strength and agility (can leap several stories high)
  • Enhanced sense of smell
  • Retractable knuckle spikes in addition to sharp claws
So that led me to doing a Google image search on her. Her costume is just god awful! And the cosplays are even worse. She definitely needs a costume redesign. Unfortunately her tail has to be included (part of her special skills), and her... nut sacks/utility belt.
I decided to try my hand at re-imagining her look. How hard could it be? Pretty hard actually, since this is NOT the sort of thing I draw. Really, nothing is really what I draw since I'm out of practice but this is really out of my realm of expertise. I stopped trying after awhile. It was just coming out just awful. I wanted to draw her with a top that had a hoodie with ears on it, pants, and a utility belt/bag that went around her waist and attached at the leg. It was not coming out the way I wanted. So I drew a squirrel instead. It's at the top because it's the superior drawing.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Confessions 5-10-15

Sunday Confessions

This weeks confessions:

I have 139 blog posts in draft. Some are just titles/ideas, some are a little bit more fleshed out. Some just need photos... I'm really good at starting things, just not necessarily seeing them through. Man, if I did manage to get them all done, I'd be set for a year! 

And on that note, I have all of December for this year planned out. Not done mind you, but a full month of ideas. But not really anything planned for the rest of the year. You know, aside from all the stuff in draft. But those aren't really month specific. Let's see if I actually get those done though... you know, my track record and all.

There's a blue jay in my backyard that attacked one of my cats the other day. It was trying to protect its nest... I laughed SO HARD. Now I know why my cats have been a little shy about going outside... Sorry kitties, but that is hilarious. Poor birdie has no idea you guys are no threat!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Too Faced

 This isn't a sponsored post! Promise. I bought a little set from Sephora that included these two items last year and I really love them! The lip insurance really makes gloss and lipstick apply better and the Too Faced glamour gloss (Sex Pot) is such a lovely color. I like the sponge applicator as well. I'm not a makeup guru at all but I like to find stuff that is easy to apply and looks nice. I want to get more of the gloss, maybe try some other colors.

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