Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday Confessions | 12-10-17


I started selling some of my clothing on Poshmark, two of my coworkers have been using it with pretty good success so fingers crossed I get rid of some stuff! I posted a link on my Twitter, if you wanted to be super awesome you would click on that and make a profile! I'm not asking you guys to buy my stuff (honestly it would feel weird for people I know to buy my things??? I mean, if there was something you really wanted go ahead, of course, but that's not my goal here) or even bother with trying to post and sell. Just the more activity I get on my account, the more visible my stuff is in the huge mass of stuff that gets posted.

My husband has been teasing me about my new "shipping business" since I ordered boxes from the post office and have devoted a corner of the bedroom to this mess.

I just have really changed my style in the past few months and there is a lot there I don't wear.


I accidentally left one of my cats outside for almost two hours in the dark and cold :( :( :( She REALLY wanted outside even though we had the heat on so I was like okay, ten minutes! And let her out and shut the door.... and promptly forgot. I AM THE WORST CAT MAMMA EVER. During a lull in a show, I heard frantic scratching on the back door. I wanted to cry :( Normally if I let them out, I leave the door open a crack so they can go in and out as they please. But with the heat on that would be too expensive! 


I may or may not have made a Christmas song playlist that I listened to while cleaning house on Saturday. (Sia and Gwen and of course my Eartha Kitt Santa Baby)

First a crush on a fictional character now this? I'm getting sentimental in my old age.