Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Confessions | 1-15-17

I Confess

I was so thankful yesterday was a warmish sunny day so my turtle could get out and roam and eat. He's been stuck in his hut for a few days! It's been so cold :( I bring food to him, but it's no use if he isn't going to wake up. He is a very groggy, grumpy dinosaur when he is cold. I can totally relate to that.

I Confess

Do any of you guys order your spices from Penzey's? If you don't, you totally should. So much better quality than store bought, and not more expensive. They have two awesome coupons right now:

  • free vanilla with a ten dollar purchase   92430C
  • free roasted garlic with a FIVE dollar purchase 43953C
  • and you can use BOTH COUPONS AT THE SAME TIME!
  • come on people, get hyped, that's fourteen dollars of free shit

I really hope these coupon codes aren't just me specific and that you can use them, too... 

My favorites are the taco seasoning and the lemon pepper seasoning :) :) :) I'm always having to re-order those flavors. Question: what seasoning is most popular in your household??? For my husband, it would be the garlic salt, hands down.

I Confess

I haven't really been into blogging lately. I have a ton of started posts and I've just been "meh" with doing anything with them. Winter blahs, maybe?