Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday Confessions | 12-4-16

I Confess

So since California has legalized pot and as far as I understand it people are allowed to grow six plants, I was thinking, hey maybe? but then I started perusing a specific subreddit on Reddit about it and dang is it complicated. Or at least they make it out to be. It's a flipping science, way past my attention and understanding level. Like, I was thinking, hey I'll buy some seeds, hopefully get one to sprout, put the plant by the window and ta-da! Apparently, that is not how you go about it, and you have to think about ph levels, nutrition, odor, light source (type, distance, amount), temperature, watering, pruning, male or female, harvest times and changing all the things depending if it's harvest time and a bunch of other things I don't understand. So maybe not. This could explain why I have a "black thumb" most of the time because I depend on the plant to know what it is doing with little help from me.

I Confess

On Saturdays, I have no problems getting up in the morning (this weekend it was fifteen minutes before seven which on a work day there is no getting me out of bed until at least 15 minutes after 7) because that alone time I get is just so YAAAAAAAAAAY. I use to start my chores right away, but then my husband would usually come downstairs by nine, and I would have wasted all that time being busy instead of just reveling in the aloneness on the couch. So now I get a cup of coffee, snuggle up with a cat, and enjoy the silence for an hour. Or more. Depending on how much I "need." Well, to be honest, I'd like a lot more. WHY AM I SUCH A HERMIT. 

He used to get up much earlier, which I found really annoying (ugh, I'm the worst) because the night before he would have been in the living room till 1 or 2 in the morning, then be back down by 8. Like why do you hate me. And he'd want to sit on the couch and play video games, so unless I had the living room clean already, I'd have to try to clean around him somehow. My preference for cleaning is kitchen--dining---living room but I've had to change it to living room---kitchen---dining room. It messes up the connected spiral pattern. Guess I could do living room to dining room, but the bathroom is also part of that spiral, and getting the dishes done first just feels like a huge jump start. I HAVE ALL THESE NON-PROBLEMS, GUYS.

But so far the new system is working. When he comes downstairs all cheery and full of smiles and hugs, I'm not the sour grinch that ever sour grinched and I can actually reciprocate the affection. WHY DOES HE EVEN LOVE ME.


So on that note, one of my fantasies would be that he had a business trip for two days and I could take those two days off work and hole up in my house and never leave or talk to anyone for 48 hours straight. That would be amazing. Since it's a fantasy, make it three days. I LOVE MY HUSBAND I PROMISE. He is just such an extrovert and needs a lot of social energy, and sometimes depends on that energy from me, like last week when he took the whole week off and didn't plan any friend time. I CAN ONLY GIVE YOU SO MUCH I NEED THE REST FOR ME, OKAY??? Extroverts are such energy vampires. What are you doing with all my energy, making a necklace? (<-- obscure joke referring to the cartoon Sealab 2021) 

But I don't think this fantasy should ever be realized because a part of me worries that I would like it too much. Like, how many days would it take before I crave human interaction? I think at the end of the day, my husband is actually very good for me. And I will just continue to carve in my alone time on Saturday mornings.